Life Underground in Istanbul: Metro Works

Underground life underground work in Istanbul
Underground life underground work in Istanbul

More than two million Istanbul residents use metro lines every day. Metro, comfortable and safe transportation opportunity
Offering; however, these investments emerge as a result of long and hard work. Metro workers work 7 and a half hours in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law. The workers, who continue their work in a 24-hour pace in three shifts, are determined to strive to meet the new subways with the citizens as soon as possible. They can only see the daylight between noon.

In order to keep the amount of oxygen in the tunnel at the required level, fresh air circulation is provided deep through the ventilation ducts and fans. Because the amount of dust in the tunnels is one of the most important health threats for employees. The tunnel depth is around 30 to 70 meters on Istanbul subways. Access to the tunnels is provided by vertical shafts. That is, a worker has to get up and down at least 11 times a day from this building, which is about 4 floors high.

Due to the softness of the floor, collapse events may occur from time to time. In order to minimize this risk, the team of engineers and technicians carries out the work with great care. As the Istanbul Bulletin team, the European Side Rail System Directorate and the contractor firm in Fulya, KabataşBetween Mecidiyekoy
We visited the metro construction site. We met the responsible engineers and workers of the project, which is planned to be trained in the first half of this year, at a depth of tens of meters and listened to them from the difficulties of working underground.

Fahrettin Öner İBB Anatolian Side Rail System Manager “Working in tunnel and deep underground station constructions has quite a lot of difficulties compared to working in surface structures. Working without seeing the day, without seeing the daylight… Even the breath you take is provided from the air that is carried from the ventilation ducts to the tunnel. While the exhaust fumes of the construction machines are not a problem for the workers working on the surface structures, they can be a comfort reducing factor for the tunnel workers from time to time. Like an anthill; tunnel is a feverish working environment where the movement never ends and the difficulty never ends. Same time; It is a working environment where there is a sweet competition between the teams working in tunnel mirrors at different points, and friendships like 'military friendship' are formed for both technical staff and workers, tunnel constructions. ”

Ersin Baykal İBB European Side Rail System Manager “The conditions are very difficult. An unexpected moment, a void in the tunnel and collapses can occur when it finds the waterway. We read the geological, drilling and geotechnical data very well. The measures we take for our workers are in line with international occupational safety standards. For the social lives of our workers, the conditions of the tunnels are not suitable; but we have local and sports grounds in the camps we set up in our central construction sites. We keep the hygiene and comfort level at the highest level. ”

Ali Hazar Project engineer “We work 30/70 at depths between 7 and 24 meters in Istanbul. We keep our security measures at the highest level, and we take care to ensure that our citizens are affected by the minimum level of work. Working underground is very different from working above ground. Here, very careful about ventilation. We have to keep up with the topography of Istanbul. Working underground is a job that requires sacrifice. Our young engineers do not prefer much; but it gets used to it quickly. ”

Contractor firm worker “I have been working on subway construction sites for 16 years. I also worked on the project on 5 subways in Istanbul. We are most uncomfortable with dust. Looking at the day since I started my profession, we got used to all the difficulties. I can show the reason why I have been doing this for decades as high precautions in terms of occupational safety. But if you ask me, let my child read, do not do this job.

Contractor firm worker “I have been working on metro projects for 11 years; we have to work… Things that seem 'risky' for the citizen have become ordinary for us now. As the years pass, we get used to the difficulties of this business; but we still have a hard time overcoming our longing for our family and our children ”


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