Hygiene is at the forefront of public transportation vehicles in Şanlıurfa

Sanliurfa public transportation vehicles keep hygiene in the foreground
Sanliurfa public transportation vehicles keep hygiene in the foreground

📩 06/02/2020 15:23

Turkey has one of the longest road network in Şanlıurfa Municipality, as well as local citizens in a safe and comfortable transportation to provide access to sanitary facilities. Sanliurfa residents benefit from public transportation in a hygienic environment with their cleaning and disinfection activities carried out at certain periods.

Providing an average of 180 thousand citizens per day in the city, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its implementations in public transportation, taking into account the comfortable, economical and respectful of the people as well as hygienic conditions. Providing service on a 330-hour basis on most routes with 24 vehicles within its structure, Metropolitan Municipality has recently increased its hygiene activities by prioritizing the sensitivity of the citizens. In Sanliurfa, located in the hot climate zone, Metropolitan continues its hygiene and disinfection activities in its vehicles, which are kept in the workshops outside the expedition hours, so that seasonal flu infections that may occur due to the cooling of the weather are not likely to affect the citizens.


The application, which is required in 15-day periods, first starts with the interior cleaning of the vehicle. After the first application, vehicles used in public transportation are washed with water and foam, and are installed with the help of special devices. In the third application, all the interiors of the vehicles are cleaned with the sterile liquids by the cleaning staff. After all these processes, the tools are finally disinfected by spraying medical drugs that are not harmful to human health. Vehicles that are kept for a certain period of time are offered to citizens again in public transportation.

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