Parkomat Application Started in Mersin

Parkomat application started in Mersin
Parkomat application started in Mersin

Parkomat application, which Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer plans to implement in order to prevent problems experienced by citizens in finding places in the traffic areas and to breathe trades comfortably, has started. 92 personnel, who were hired for the application, which relieved tradesmen on the tracking of vehicles left on the roads and sidewalks for a long time, went through the necessary trainings and started their duties.

Applied in important parts of the city

The Parkomat application, which was unanimously approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council, was launched in order to eliminate the traffic density problem in Mersin and the problem of finding a parking space. Recruited staff started their duty in the roads, streets and areas where traffic is most intense after the training they received at the Congress and Exhibition Center. With the importance that President Vahap Seçer places on female employment, a total of 27 personnel, 92 of whom are women, are applying the Parkomat system at various points in the city.

First 15 minutes free

The personnel receive the receipts with the license plate, parking time and platform code on the device they use and deliver the vehicle to the drivers who park. In the application, where the first 15 minutes are free, 15 TL between 60-4 minutes and 15 TL between 120-7 minutes are determined. The maximum fee will be 24 TL if the vehicle is left for 20 hours. Citizens will also be able to pay by credit card in the application, which is offered 08 days between 00:18 and 00:6, Monday-Saturday.

Fatma Özcan: “Women are now everywhere on the fields”

Expressing that he will apply positive discrimination to women since the day he took office, President Seçer turns his direction to women in recruitment. In many jobs that are seen as "male work", women now have a say. Expressing that she has been unemployed for a long time, Fatma Özcan is one of the women hired for Parkomat. Expressing that he was very happy with the opportunity given to him, Özcan said, “I made my application from İŞKUR page. They called me, after we had our interview, the phone came and was told that I was hired. Then we received training on work. We have received training on what it is like, the benefits of the Parkomat system. We received training on our machine. Then we started our business. I'm in the forum area. Parkomat system has been chosen in the places where the traffic is the most intense, the traffic has been relieved in this regard. We work clockwise. We cut the chips, they pay an affordable fee. Women are now on the fields, everywhere, and they get very positive reactions from people and our people. Self-confidence increases when women stand on their own feet. Thank you very much to our Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer for giving priority to us women. We would be very happy if the projects about women continue. I also thank you for the confidence you have given us and I wish the continuation of the projects. ”

Helin Uçansu: “It is a job known as male work, but we women can do it too”

Emphasizing that he received positive reactions from people about the Parkomat system, Helin Uçansu, 24 years old and mother of a child, said:

“I had been unemployed for four or five years. I couldn't find a job. I saw the job posting on the website, I applied. They provided information about how we should deal with the citizens in education, how we should use the device and the fees. The region where I am works and there are people who leave this area for days and months. Citizens are very happy that they say 'you have prevented them', and the tradesmen are very happy in this respect. Many of our citizens are satisfied with this situation. Work is an outpatient job known as 'male work', but we women can do it too. Our Vahap President saw this too. He gave us priority because he saw it. We are very happy and successful in this regard. ”

Öztürk: "Citizens would like to thank our Mayor Vahap Seçer"

Hüseyin Öztürk, one of the employees of Parkomat, stated that the application is very good in terms of citizens and tradesmen and that it relieves the traffic, “I was unemployed for a year. It was a very good application. Citizens would like to thank our Mayor Vahap Seçer and convey their greetings. I have forwarded it from here. It has been a very good practice for tradesmen and citizens. Employment was provided. Thank you very much to our Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer. ”

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