Özcan Spoke about High Speed ​​Train Line Passing Bolu

Ozcan spoke about the high-speed train line passing through Bolu
Ozcan spoke about the high-speed train line passing through Bolu

The first meeting of the Bolu Municipality February Assembly Meeting was held in the Municipality Assembly Hall under the chairmanship of Bolu Municipality Tanju Özcan. While the Bolu City Council February 1st Session was broadcasting live, the meeting discussed the applications for reconstruction, issues from the unit directorates and the issue of giving the name of the late Şerafettin Erbayram to the street where the name was born and referred to the related commission.

The meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan and which was attended by the members of the parliament, started with the opening-probe, the Respect and the National Anthem. Then, the agenda items were started.

In the meeting, zoning renovation applications were resolved by discussing the issues coming from the unit directorates, and later on, in the wish wishes section of the meeting, Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan made important statements about the high-speed train line passing through Bolu that caused controversy.


Speaking in the wishes and requests section of the meeting, Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan stated why he made an appointment with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to discuss the YHT issue; “The reason for persistent appointment from the President of the Republic; We thought that the high-speed train line would continue by connecting to Sakarya via Eskişehir-Bilecik. This planned line exits Ankara and passes through Beypazarı and Mudurnu only. Even one stop, Sakarya, does not stop in the other provinces and it connects directly to Istanbul. Kocaeli, Gebze and so on. Since there are no stations in Beypazarı and Mudurnu, it will pass only through agricultural lands. If it passes here, 49 tunnels have to be built, the road has to be exactly 71 thousand 365 meters, that is, 72 kilometers through the tunnel. However, there are 25 viaducts that need to be made, the total length of the viaducts is 13 meters, which corresponds to approximately 770 kilometers. The total length of the line is 14 kilometers and the cost is $ 441 billion. ”


Mayor Özcan underlined that the YHT project was transferred to them with a short presentation; “Lastly, our teacher in Düzce told us about the subject that many scientists were researching. The maximum number of passengers the line can carry is 45 thousand. It is not possible to amortize the 45 billion expenses made with 6 thousand passengers daily. This line, which is very serious, follows the northern Anatolian fault for 30 kilometers. These are all very dangerous lines that have been documented. Transportation time between Ankara and Istanbul is planned to be 85 minutes, although the population density is low. The line we want is the Istanbul-Kocaeli-Gebze-Sakarya-Düzce-Bolu-Gerede line. This line is 30 kilometers longer than the other line and costs 5 billion dollars. According to Japanese engineers, the return time for this investment is considered to be between 7 and 10 years. It clearly states that, in the worst case, the line will pay for itself in 19 years.


Mudurnu and Beypazarı do not stop there because there is no population density and they will not contribute to the development of the rate. This line is a line that appeals to Turkey and only about 37% of the population in need Geremi, Düzce also think of it as Duzce. While Gerede is in the position of a window opening to the East and West Black Sea, Zonguldak, Ereğli and Akçakoca are next to Düzce. From Istanbul to Düzce in a short time, places can be reached quickly from public transport. A line is also planned for the Black Sea. It can be combined with this line through Gerede. If this project is realized, the line will come parallel to the bus until Gerede, and after Gerede, it will go south. As planned, this line can now carry a maximum of 45 thousand 46 thousand passengers, while the other line can carry a minimum of 125 thousand passengers. 5 minutes difference will occur when you go directly between the two lines without stopping ”.


Chairman Özcan, pointing out that with the realization of the YHT project, Bolu's income level will increase with the population in the future; “The high-speed train line is based on a train departure every 17 minutes. We are not saying that all trains should stop in Bolu. We don't have a problem like that. 4-5 trains a day are enough to stop by Bolu. We do not say that all trains stop in Bolu every 17 minutes. While this increases the number of tourists coming to Bolu, it is predicted that the number of students at Bolu University will be at least 2 to 3. Thanks to this line, Bolu is one of the big cities with a population of 900 thousand in the future, but its income level will increase. This will add value to the development of the city.


You will go from Bolu to Istanbul in as short as 35-40 minutes. Moreover, this line is planned not for the Anatolian side but to the new airport. You will be able to cross in a short time. The other line has no advantage and will not stop in Beypazarı and Mudurnu. There is no population in those regions, it only stands in Sakarya. Therefore, we need to make them a tidy presentation and explain it to Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan. This is why I persistently want an appointment. When Tayyip Bey hears these, I don't have to tell them. Mayor of Düzce can tell, Hodja in Düzce can tell, of course it is not necessary for me to tell. Tayyip Bey, after hearing all this planning, I do not think that he will say no. Because we are extremely right and we act by considering the interests of our state and our nation. This is the most important project for the future of Bolu, this is the most important project for the development of Bolu as tourism and industry. ”the Köroğlugazete)

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