Minister Turhan Çorlu Ergene Road Separation Attended Tekirdağ Ring Road Opening Ceremony

Minister of Tourism Turhan Corlu joined the highway to Tekirdag Cevre Yolu
Minister of Tourism Turhan Corlu joined the highway to Tekirdag Cevre Yolu

President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Dr. Mustafa Şentop and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan Çorlu-Ergene road separation attended the Tekirdağ ring road opening ceremony.

Şentop, in his speech at the opening ceremony, said he was happy to be in Tekirdağ.

Stressing that the decrease in road traffic accidents by making quality Şentop, underlining that Turkey was strengthened by olunduk together.

Turkey's strong and powerful in the world in the hope of the oppressed stated that Şentop, he said: "Not only our country, the world's different regions, the needs of the oppressed in our work. Turkey is also a strong and powerful source of hope and strength for them.

I am sure that, as we hug each other, we grow and move forward, we get weak and become different and vulnerable as we fight and decompose for whatever reason. We always need to hug each other. ”

“We have to be strong”

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan also stated that in the events such as the Elazig earthquake, avalanche disaster, plane crash, the fire did not only burn the place where it fell, the whole nation suffocated sadly and the state and the nation were united in all these events.

Turhan said that the fact that Tekirdağ is close to Istanbul brings many advantages, and emphasized that there has been an investment of 5,5 billion liras in the transportation and infrastructure of Tekirdağ, which is always open to development.

Noting that the road to be opened has many benefits, Minister Turhan said, “We implemented this project in order to ensure continuity on the divided road between Tekirdağ-Istanbul division and Istanbul-Edirne and to relieve Çorlu city traffic.” said.

Emphasizing that the Turkish nation is worthy of the best of services, Minister Turhan used the following statements: “We are doing all this because it is our duty to have them and it is your right to have them. Our people, our nation, our country deserve the best of everything. Because we cannot be left behind the world, because we have to be strong, because we have to bow to anyone.

On the contrary, there are many hungry wolves who want to knit socks in this difficult geography, you know. I hope we will continue working and waving our moon star flag proudly together in unity and strength. I urge you not to miss your support, your prayer. ”

After the speeches, the road was opened by praying and cutting the ribbon.

Parliament Speaker Şentop and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan made a test drive on the road after the opening.

Günceleme: 10/02/2020 13:20

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