İntek Formwork and Scaffolding Systems are Used in Istanbul Airport Metro Construction

Intense formwork and scaffolding systems are used in the construction of the Istanbul airport metro.
Intense formwork and scaffolding systems are used in the construction of the Istanbul airport metro.

Turkey's Istanbul Airport which will provide access to the huge project, Gayrettepe - Istanbul New Airport metro line İntek Formwork Systems has taken its place. The project, which is 32 kilometers long, with a capacity of 70 thousand passengers and a transportation time of 32 minutes, is planned to carry passengers in 2020. When Gayrettepe - Göktürk - Istanbul New Airport Metro Line (M11) is completed, it will bring comfort in transportation integrated to many districts. Manahoz Yapı İnşaat undertook the rough structure of Göktürk Station and M4 Makas Metro İnşaat, which were built within the scope of the project.

İntek Formwork-Scaffolding systems and quantities used in the project consisting of two parts as Göktürk station and M4 Scissor metro part:
INTEVA Wooden Beam Curtain Formwork: A = 449,5 m², H = 620 cm
PANEMAX Panel Column Patterns: A = 88 m², H = 810 cm
TTD Single Side Starter System: 30 sets
TTD Single Side Climbing System: 12 sets
HD 150 Load-Bearing Scaffolding System: A = 2100 m², t = 50-100 cm,
H= 234-340-561-660-861-898-934 cm
INTESAFE H Type Security Exterior Scaffolding System:
H = 600 cm, A = 480 m²

Since the presence of belt conveyors at the Göktürk Metro station near the one-sided curtains allows the casting height of the H = 811 cm high walls to be cast to be made as maximum H = 620 cm, it is foreseen that the first casting will be made in this way. In order to complete the missing concrete casting due to belt conveyors, it was decided to apply a one-sided climbing curtain formwork.

87,75 sets of TTD Unilateral climbing, which is adapted to the height of 23,40 m², L = 375 mtul, H = 12 cm, forming the platform where Inteva wooden beam curtain formworks and curtain formworks coming to the exterior will sit, creating a safe working area for working workers. system is given.

Due to the fact that there are belt conveyors near the curtains, a special execution cart has been designed that allows the mold to be transported easily and can carry 5 m boards (together with the military buttress) in one go.



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