Yüksek Hızlı Tren Çerkezköy Transition Line Evaluation Meeting Was Held

High speed train cerkezkoy transition line evaluation meeting was held
High speed train cerkezkoy transition line evaluation meeting was held

ÇerkezköyAn evaluation meeting was held under the chairmanship of our Mayor Vahap Akay in order to determine the transportation problems that may occur in our city and to solve these problems with the High Speed ​​Train line that will pass through.

Yüksek Hızlı Tren Çerkezköy Due to the Crossing Line Çerkezköy Our Mayor Vahap Akay, Deputy Mayor Kemal Gümüş and Nedim Yılancı, TCDD Modernization Department Vice President Mücahit Lek, TCDD General Directorate Outsourced Project Coordination Branch Manager Abdullah Çorak and contractor company officials attended the evaluation meeting held at the mayor's office.


During the meeting, ideas were exchanged about the planned activities to be carried out in the regions where there are two level crossings in our district in order to minimize the transportation problems that the High Speed ​​Train Line will pass through our city. Our municipality and TCDD officials have agreed on solutions to problems that may arise.


At the meeting decided to provide transportation through the level crossing at the level crossing at the BSH Junction; A consensus was reached to connect the transportation provided from the level crossing in our station area to the Government Street with the overpass to be made at the point where our gym is located. The works to be carried out at the point of solution suggestions created at the meeting will be projected and put under protocol with the meeting that Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality officials will also attend.


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