Noises Regarding Kocaeli Railway Freight Transport

Gurus about the freight transport on the Kocaeli railway
Gurus about the freight transport on the Kocaeli railway

The findings in this news have been written by our reader Göksel Genç. The promise of the government that the cargo will be transported by train was also mentioned. The names in opposition parties are asked to address this problem.

Currently, freight transportation is not possible on the railways of the mega city such as Istanbul. Freight transportation could be done before the existing railways high-speed train operation.

Port Railway Connections Closed

Still, the connection of Haydarpaşa port to the railway is not used. While it was previously operated by Railways and benefited from the advantage of the Port railway connection, many ports are used under real efficiency due to privatization and sales.

Many factories in Kocaeli province had rail connections. The 3rd Line was planned with the high-speed train work. It was announced that freight transportation will be carried out on this line. But it was not realized.

It was known that it was very difficult for the third line due to the expansion of railways, legal processes and existing infrastructure.

For example, how to pass the 3rd Line through the tunnels between Izmit Istanbul could not be answered. Railway connections with factories were canceled only because the high-speed train was prioritized.

Freight Transportation Rate by Rail Only 4 percent

High speed train operation was excused and rail freight transportation was completely stopped. Raw material and product transportation costs, which are a very important cost for the industrialists, have increased.

Due to this increase, the competitiveness of the industrialist has decreased. Currently, the rate of cargo transportation by rail in our country is 4 percent. Freight transportation rate is over 90 percent by road.

Industrialist Needs Alternative Transport Methods

Organized Industrial Zones, Port railway connections should be put on the agenda as soon as possible for transportation costs that are much higher than the labor cost. The cost of the industrialist should be reduced.

Opportunities should be provided to make their production fast and cheap. In Sivas-Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Karaman high speed train projects that are made only for passenger transportation, it should be explained how to carry out freight transportation by rail in these provinces. Opposition councilors should raise this problem

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