Continue to Work for the New Double Road in Arifiye

Continue to work on the new double road on the eve
Continue to work on the new double road on the eve

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who made explanations about the ongoing works in the double road work, which will be an alternative to Arifiye district center transportation, said, “Our project that will continue along the road from the Terminal Junction at the Crossroad and end at the Railway Overpass Bridge will have a length of 2 kilometers. Our excavation and filling works continue. Hopefully, we will complete it as soon as possible and offer it to the service of our citizens. Good luck. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce made statements regarding the double road work that will be a new entrance to Arifiye. Emphasizing that they will bring an alternative to district center transportation with the project that will have a length of 2 kilometers, Mayor Yüce stated that the teams continue their excavation and filling works. Wishing that the divided road project will be beneficial to Arifiye, President Yüce expressed that they will continue to work for maximum satisfaction in transportation.

2 km double road

Sharing his evaluations about the ongoing studies in the region, President Ekrem Yüce said, “Arifiye has a developing structure day by day. Therefore, we started our efforts to create a new alternative to our district's transportation. Our excavation and filling operations are continuing in the artery, where the rainwater infrastructure was previously built. We will bring double comfort to the district center transportation with a double road that will be 2 kilometers long and 20 meters wide. Good luck. ”

Alternative to Arifiye entrances

President Ekrem Yüce, who also included in the descriptions of the route information of the new double road, ended his words as follows: “Our project that will continue along the road just after the Tank Pallet Factory from the Terminal Junction and end at the Railway Overpass Bridge will also be an alternative to Atatürk Street. We will continue to contribute to the future of transportation in our city with new double road works, and to minimize vehicle traffic with new routes. ”



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