Chamber of Mechanical Engineers to Control IETT Buses

Chamber of mechanical engineers to supervise iett buses
Chamber of mechanical engineers to supervise iett buses

IETT signed a contract with the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers within the scope of the inspection and maintenance of its buses. In this way, the answers to these questions will be audited by an independent institution apart from IETT inspectors and maintenance contractor companies. “Was the part that was replaced on the bus really faulty? Is the replacement part new and original? ” The most correct answer will be found to such questions.

Serving 4 million passengers a day, IETT carries out maintenance and repair activities in 3 garages with its 65 thousand 11 buses. As part of the agreement with the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, buses will be inspected by the Chamber teams, as well as the supervisory and control staff working within IETT.

The purpose of the contract for the "Garage Maintenance and Repair Activities Inspection Work" with the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is to provide independent audits of IETT buses through a system called the third eye. Whether the vehicle maintenance and repair activities carried out in the garages are carried out according to the relevant technical criteria, quality standards and the criteria determined by the administration will be checked objectively.


Chamber representatives will monitor the performances of maintenance contractors, prepare reports and identify aspects that are open to improvement, and ensure that necessary measures are taken. Thus, it is aimed to reduce the flight losses caused by vehicle failures and increase passenger safety. Inspections are expected to increase passenger satisfaction by improving service quality.


Inspections; technical and follow-up audits will be carried out in two stages. In technical inspections, it will be checked whether maintenance and repair activities are carried out according to technical criteria. In follow-up audits; it will be checked whether the nonconformities detected in technical inspections are eliminated.

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