Chinese CRCC Company to Make British High Speed ​​Train System

British high-speed train system will be made by cinli crcc company
British high-speed train system will be made by cinli crcc company

The Chinese Railways company, which makes two thirds of the entire high speed train network in the last 10 years in the world, is meeting with the British. The company is ambitious in the 420 km line in the UK

China, which has the largest speed train network in the world, will now establish the infrastructure of the railway and the lands where the metro is born. Britain plans to build its troubled high-speed railway line to Beijing. The time required by the Chinese for infrastructure that can go at less cost and at higher speeds is only five years. After these ambitious figures, it is stated that the Boris Johnson government will take this step despite the President of the USA, Donald Trump. Johnson angered the US side by giving the Chinese telecom giant Huawei a role in Britain's 5G cell phone network.


UK Ministry of Transport officials said that pre-negotiations are continuing but no commitment has been made between HS2 Ltd, which is responsible for the establishment of the high-speed line, and the China state's China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). Authorities have always expressed their willingness to learn from others' experiences and consider cost-advantageous approaches. This week, Johnson told HS100 over £ 2 billion CRCC, "the project is ready to address all the problems it is facing now."


The Chinese CRCC company, which is committed to the trains traveling at a speed of 420 kilometers, has installed 10 thousand kilometers of high speed train lines in the last 25 years and has implemented two-thirds of the total lines built in the world. Britain's new high-speed train line is planned to be from London to Birmingham, and will bring Manchester and Leeds together. 400 meters long trains will run on the line and 100 people can be transported in one go. (Source: Çinhab is)

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