Antalya Transportation Workshop to be Held on February 19

Antalya Transportation Workshop in February
Antalya Transportation Workshop in February

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is organizing 'Antalya Transportation Workshop' to bring permanent and sustainable solutions to urban transportation problems. All stakeholders will meet at the Workshop to be held on Wednesday, February 19 to develop common and deep-rooted solutions to Antalya's transportation demands.

Metropolitan Municipality is organizing 'Antalya Transportation Workshop' with the relevant chambers and NGOs to revise the Transport Master Plan covering 7 districts to cover all 19 districts, and to start the feasibility and project processes of the rail system Konyaaltı-Kundu line. Transportation Master Plan planning, 4th Stage Rail System Line Project and Antalya transportation will be discussed at the Antalya Transportation Workshop together with transportation tradesmen chambers, occupational chambers, City Council, relevant NGOs.


He started his career at the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building on Wednesday, February 19 at 10.00:17.00 and continues until XNUMX. Dr. Soner Haldenbilen the workshop would do, 'Urban Transportation Planning: Contemporary Perspectives, Principles of Universal Planning, World and Turkey Samples' with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Ela Babalık, with the presentation of 'Smart Cities and Transportation' Dr. Dr. Halim Ceylan, with his presentation 'Presidents Approaching Urban Transportation Differently' İsmail Hakkı Acar, Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department will give a speech with his presentation on 'The Current Status of Antalya Transportation and Planning'. In the second part of the workshop, which will be held in two sessions, the topic of “Antalya Transportation Problems and Solution Suggestions” will be discussed. Professor moderated by the meeting. Dr. Aşkıner Güngör, Assoc. Olcay Polat, Assoc. Sevil Köfteci is also included.

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