Antalya 4th Stage Rail System Line Will Be 23 Kilometers Port-Kundu Line

Antalya stage rail system will be kilometers port kundu line
Antalya stage rail system will be kilometers port kundu line

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, the guest of ANSIAD Muhittin BöcekStating that the fourth stage of the rail system will be between Port and Kundu, he said, "We are going to the pre-feasibility tender for the East-West line in a very short time." President Insect announced that both the opening of the main arterial roads and the infrastructure works in Kırcami will begin in the coming days.

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcekwas the guest of Antalya Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association. In the night, in which the bureaucrats of the Metropolitan Municipality were also present, Mayor Insect talked about the ongoing works of the municipality and the new projects to be implemented. President Insect answered the questions of ANSIAD members at night.


Mayor Böcek stated that the ongoing works of the 3rd Stage rail system project, whose work is continuing rapidly, will be completed by the end of April, and said, “By the end of this year, our citizens who will take the tram from Varsak will come to Antalya State Hospital. Afterwards, he will go to the place on Konyaaltı Street where there is a nostalgia tram. In addition, the 4th stage rail system will be 23 kilometers Port-Kundu line. We are going out to the East-West line pre-feasibility tender in a very short time ”.

We are starting the second bull of bull

Providing information about Boğaçayı's second stage works, Mayor Böcek said, “When we look at the old Bahtılı bridge from right to left, we started work on 840 acres of municipal recreation area. We will make a project where people can reach the beach by walking with their landscaping without touching the bed of Boğaçayı. ”


Stating that they are working for a planned, regular and identity city, Mayor Böcek stated that they visited 10 districts of Antalya together with their colleagues in 19 months and said that they took the X-ray of Antalya during these visits. Stating that they also came together with business people, tradesmen and non-governmental organizations, President Böcek said, “We held a workshop with a broad participation last week for the Transportation Master Plan, which we will rearrange to cover 19 districts. With the participation of our related professional chambers and 19 district municipalities, we prepared a zoning regulation specific to Antalya. We passed our assembly. We send it to the Ministry for approval. ”


Explaining that the Stray Animals Workshop will be held in March with the Turkish Veterinary Association, President Böcek said that a Stray Animals Rehabilitation Center will be built on an area of ​​84 decares in Kirişçiler and the renovation of the previous place will be completed in a week. Reminding that the phaetons' activities were terminated in Antalya by saying “They have the right to live too”, President Böcek said, “We liberated our horses. We did not leave our carriage brothers unemployed and we hired in our Metropolitan Municipality. ”


In his statement about President Insect Kırcami, “Kırcami problem was not the fate of our citizens living there and we changed this fate together. As Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, we have finished our work on the plan notes. ” President Böcek announced in Kırcami that both the opening of the main artery roads and ASAT's work on sewage and drinking water will begin in the coming days.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's 5th Insect President stated that they inherit as a municipal borrower, said that the project be continued for the benefit of the people. Explaining that the savings savings and the configuration related to the payments have been achieved, Mayor Böcek said, “As we have balanced our payments, the international credit rating agency Fitch has increased our economic situation from negative to stable. We almost couldn't tender wagons for the 3rd Stage Rail System. The World Bank was not lending. If we had not made these savings and configuration, we will probably not be able to tender the wagon and continue the rail system. ”


Mayor Böcek took notes by answering ANSİAD members' questions and listening to their suggestions. Mayor Böcek said that the question about whether there is a project to include the Highways buildings next to the Antalya Museum in the museum land is on the agenda of the subject and that they will develop a project with the support of the Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu.

We are planning a new place

Answering the question about the slaughterhouse of the Metropolitan Municipality affiliated with ANET, Mayor Böcek said, “It was given to the Antalya Butchers' Chamber. I think he has 3 more years. However, we cannot be so patient. We started the Halk Et project. On the one hand, we consider food safety. We know the troubles there. An investment of at least 3 million lira is required. We will do a study. It is a new hygienic slaughterhouse that should be done. ”


Lara Beach Insect President inform the ANSİAD members about the project, "Interior Ministry inspectors of the Republic of Turkey, reports of Sayıştaycı, Environment and Urban Planning minister, Real Estate Expropriation Department to identify, as a result of the determination of our department heads have also stopped rant about the Lara Beach Project business. If I would do this politically, I would cancel the day I took office. I have not had a showdown with previous periods in my life. It is appreciated that Mr. Türel has always been with us at the launch of Konyaaltı Beach when he was the Speaker of the Assembly. I did not speak the word about the project. ”


Stating that the tender was correct with the build-operate-transfer model regarding the Konyaaltı Beach, President Böcek continued: “That tender was raised to 129 million liras. All expenses belonged to the contractor, including operating expenses. In addition, 6 million lira of rent would come to our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality annually. There is no penny from our municipality. The contractor was doing the firm. Now Alkoclar only collects money. The municipality made the project by spending 254 million. 254 million pounds of credit was taken. These are your money. We said 1051 pounds taken in a pontoon. We said incomplete 1200 TL plus VAT paid. I did not come to make companies rich. Sorry nobody. The company is not my father's son. 1200 TL plus VAT from the Metropolitan Municipality is your money. I am responsible for protecting it. I do not give our children the future, or the right to orphans. They also turned the business into politics through press conferences. When I make an appointment with our President, I will also explain this. Why do you use this to politics? The mistakes made are obvious. ”


Mayor Böcek also made a statement regarding the usage areas in Konyaaltı Beach. Reminding the cleanliness of the beach, planting and landscaping by the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Böcek said, “Don't worry. Everyone will continue to swim in better conditions. All environments where Antalya people can swim in a healthy and peaceful manner will be provided. ”


The Mayor, who said that the protocol regarding the Sarısu area, which was leased to the Metropolitan Municipality for 2007 years in 29, was canceled 3 years ago. Muhittin Böcek He said: “Our municipality has invested 15 million 340 thousand liras here. Exactly 3 years ago, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality terminated the protocol with the Ministry of Forestry from the notary public in order to change the status of the recreation area from C to D. We came to the task, they were putting Sarısu out to tender. I went to our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and asked. We have stopped the bidding for now.”

At the end of the meeting, ANSİAD President Akın Akıncı presented the photo of Patara Ancient City to President Muhitin Böcek because this year was declared as the year of Patara.

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