2020 FIVB Snow Volley World Tour Erciyes Stage Introduction Meeting Held

fivb snow volley world tour erciyes stage introduction meeting was held
fivb snow volley world tour erciyes stage introduction meeting was held

International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) the date by 12 to 15 March 2020, for the first time in Turkey in the host Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center will be organized for the first time in 2020 Snow Volleyball World Tour introductory meeting was held in Ankara.

The meeting, Turkey Volleyball Federation (TVF) Vice Chairman Sedat Alper Aslandaş, Kayseri Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Snow Volleyball Women's National Team athletes Bahanur Gökalp and Simge Yalçın attended.

In his speech, TVF Deputy Chairman Aslandaş stated that snow volleyball has gained an important place in the winter sports in recent years and we realized our first plans for snow volleyball, which is a new discipline, in 2016 with the slogan of 'Volleyball Everywhere'. In this framework, our teams that have been working at the national team level were created. We started to organize international organizations in our country in order to provide promotion and athlete support. We will organize a very important world organization which is a top step in Erciyes this time. ”

In Turkey earlier in Kayseri Erciyes Snow Volleyball European Cup three times that of the structures reminiscent Aslandaş; “The World Tour, which is a top tier this year, will include participation from many countries of the world. We will host between March 12, 15. Snow volley continues to evolve in Europe and the World. It will soon become an Olympic branch by taking its place in the Winter Olympics. In Turkey, held in Argentina in 2020 World Tour in Bariloche ETAB we've struggled taking special invitation by the FIVB. snow volleyball in Europe and the world as a tour of Turkey we are a constantly regulate them from 2019 countries. which has become a center of winter sports in Turkey Erciyes, it is becoming the center of the snow volleyball. Following the events we organized in Erciyes, Erciyes A.Ş continues to operate by maintaining snow volley courts, organizing tournaments between universities and tradesmen. We thank them here. final matches of the European Tour stage we held in Turkey had met with sports fans from TRT Sport screen. The World Tour stage will also be broadcast on TRT Sports screens. We thank the TRT Spor family once again from here. ”

Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. emphasized that winter sports have been done on Erciyes Mountain, which has been the symbol of the region for thousands of years. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı; "We will be delighted to host the Snow Volley World Tour in the Erciyes Ski Center, which we have been managing since 1960, having all kinds of infrastructure, attracting foreign tourists from all over the world," he said.

Snow Volleyball Woman National Team Athlete Bahanur Gökalp “Snow volleyball is an extremely enjoyable and entertaining sports branch. Although it may seem difficult to play on the snow when viewed from the outside, we play with great pleasure. We have a third place in Erciyes, which we have already achieved in the European Tour. We hope that we will win a medal by taking part in the podium also in the World Tour. ”

Snow Volleyball Woman National Team Athlete Simge Yalçın & ';' I have been in the Snow Volleyball National Team since 2019. Our country has a very favorable climate for summer and winter sports. There are degrees we have achieved in the European Tour before. In this organization held in our country, we want to win a medal by taking the podium. Snow Volley has started to become a new branch where the struggle increases every year. This formation, which first started in Europe, has now started to be made worldwide. We are excited to take part in this first World Tour in Erciyes ”. spoke as.


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