The Opening Date of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Has Been Announced

hourly distance will decrease with the canakkale bridge
hourly distance will decrease with the canakkale bridge

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said that the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will take the first place in the world in terms of engineering works. Turkey's most important projects in 1915 the Dardanelles Bridge, Turhan from the Minister in order to make studies of the sites, the authorities received information.

Later in statements to reporters Turhan, Turkey-Iran border due to the earthquake in Van, have mercy upon those who lost their lives and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

Canakkale, Turkey to the west of voicing Turhan was an important city, recalled that 100 years ago gave a great fight for the independence of the Turkish nation in this region.

Turhan emphasized that the Turkish nation gained its freedom in these lands and said, “We had a great struggle as a nation here against all the powerful states of the world and we laid the foundations of the newly founded country here. Today we are building the world's largest span suspension bridge to add a new page to be written in gold letters to the history of our nation. When this bridge is put into service, it will take the first place in the world in terms of engineering works. Hopefully, we plan to put this bridge into service and open it to traffic in March 2022. he spoke.

Length of Cables to be Used in the Bridge 162 Thousand Kilometers

Stating that they saw that the work program was carried out in the desired way in their examination at the construction site, Minister Turhan emphasized that they will complete the remaining parts of the construction and put the bridge into service within two years.

“We are building this project with the build-operate-transfer method. The project costs 2,5 billion euros. So far, we have done 1 billion 250 million euros. In other words, the percentage of the realization of the work is 50 percent. Hopefully, we plan to complete the remaining sections in the next two years and put them into service. Our distance between the two towers is 2023 meters. We are building this project with a span of 100 meters, dedicated to the 2023th anniversary of our republic. The distance between the approach viaducts and the points where the cables will be anchored is 4 meters. In other words, our total bridge length with the approach viaducts is 100 thousand 4 meters with additional distances outside the towers. The deck width was designed as 100 meters. The feet are 45 meters above sea level. The weight of the steel used in the deck is 318 thousand tons. The weight of the cables to be used in the construction of this bridge is 49 thousand 33 tons. Again, the length of the cables is 268 thousand kilometers. We will use 162 thousand tons of construction steel in the construction of this bridge. The amount of concrete we will use in approach viaducts including anchorage concretes is 114 thousand tons. ”

“The Passage of Çanakkale Strait will be reduced to 6 minutes”

Expressing information about the purpose of the bridge, Minister Turhan continued his speech as follows:

“Aegean Region, Marmara Region is one of the regions where our country's important export materials such as agriculture, tourism, industry are produced. We export a significant portion of our exports to European countries, North Asian countries, African countries in the Mediterranean dish and other South Asian countries. We do it to Central and South American countries. Çanakkale will now serve as a bridge in our exports with the opening of this bridge. It will be an important transportation axis. No more time will be spent waiting for the car ferries working in the Dardanelles. The passage of the Dardanelles, which takes at least 1,5 hours and 5 hours in heavy traffic, will now decrease to 6 minutes. This will be an important time saver, as well as a very important achievement for those who carry and export these goods. In addition, the traffic coming from Europe by land and in the parts of Northern Marmara Region, on the western side of Istanbul, on the Thrace side, namely Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Çatalca, Silivri, to the Aegean Region. In their transportation to the South Marmara Region, Istanbul will be able to find transportation opportunities in a shorter distance and in a shorter time by using this bridge before entering the city. ”

Turhan stated that they have completed 50 percent of the bridge in general, and said, “We have reached the 318th meter of 171 meters in height, which is the main building elements of this bridge. Hopefully we will complete our tower productions like June, and we will start cable knitting on the bridge at the end of this summer, and we will reveal the silhouette of our bridge. Good luck to all of us. " used expressions.

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