YHT Passengers Waiting For A Solution To The Ticket Problem

yht passengers are expected to solve the ticket problem
yht passengers are expected to solve the ticket problem

Passengers who want to travel by high-speed train cannot find a place even if they want to buy tickets from the day before. Citizens who want tickets have to act fast like a train! Slowly moving, unfortunately cannot buy tickets. Desperate passengers want the ticket system to be renewed and the hike back.

High Speed ​​Train, which reduces the transportation between Ankara and Istanbul to 4 hours and 15 minutes, and the transportation between Istanbul and Eskişehir to about 3 hours, continues to be preferred by citizens. However, passengers who want to travel by high-speed train cannot find a place even if they want to buy tickets days before. It is almost impossible to buy a ticket the day before. Citizens complain about the ease and comfort of the High Speed ​​Train, which has increased the price of tickets with the new year, as well as the difficulty of purchasing tickets with their prices.


I use a high speed train. I buy the tickets at the box office. Sorry, I can't find it easily. We cannot find it even 2 weeks before the travel date. Please make the trips more frequent. A little cheaper. Prices are high. You know what happened after the New Year. We want this problem resolved.


I use a high speed train. There are also Turks living abroad. I want to get it on the internet. So hard. I think the website should definitely be renewed. I can't find a ticket at all. Even if I entered two weeks ago. Yesterday, for example, we wanted to come here from Ankara, there were no tickets. We stayed on the bus. I look at it no more than two weeks ago, and even that is not enough. I find it very nice because I compare it with the prices in Germany but it is expensive for the people living here. It would be better if it was cheaper.


We use high speed train. We buy the ticket at the box office. We cannot find the ticket easily. Now we will go to Istanbul. We came a week ago, tickets were not opened. I don't know if we're here now. We often have trouble. They need to find a solution. Because they say there is no more room every time we come. Since I come from Europe, I find the prices affordable, normal. I buy Fatma Yıldız Tickets on the internet and can easily find them. I just looked yesterday, I could buy it for today. I am glad, there is no problem. There must be a difference between young and full in prices. But it was the same. There is a problem in this regard, but we still came.


I find the ticket, but I can find it because I follow it frequently. Since I use it very routine, I get it 10 days in advance. But sometimes when a last minute program comes out, I constantly look at it during the day. For example, I went to a last minute train garage earlier, then the box office helps to survive. Because there can be discharges in the last minute. Prices have increased recently, but still suitable for bus prices.


I buy my ticket on the internet. We cannot find it easily. I have to take it at least 10 days in advance. Tickets are available every 14 days. For example, if I will travel tomorrow, the probability of finding a ticket the day before is not 90 percent. They go to the so-called reduction in prices, but unfortunately we cannot see. The student was 20 percent off. They dropped him too. The discount should go up. It was 20 percent, they made 15 percent this year.

Source: Hilal Köver / Anadolu Newspaper

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