Great Demand for Orange Table Application at YHT Stations

big demand for orange table application
big demand for orange table application

Conducted under the auspices of the Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry with unhindered access objective "Accessibility Project of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey", the December 02, 2019 Google launched in railway transport "Orange Table" service points giving more services to disabled passengers every day.

'' Orange Table at 13 stations and stations with YHT stance ''

At 13 stations and stations where YHT sets stopped (Ankara, Eryaman Station, Polatlı, Eskişehir, Bozüyük, Bilecik, Arifiye, Konya, Pendik, Söğütlüçeşme, Halkalı, İzmit and Gebze) "Orange Table" application is preferred and preferred by disabled passengers.

In an interview with AA reporter; Vasfiye Akbaş (75), who traveled from Ankara to Konya, stated that he saw the application very useful and provided him to have a pleasant journey.

With the Orange Table application; In December last year, a total of 137 thousand 376 disabled passengers were served, including 2 thousand, in the first month of this year, 513 thousand people.

"How Does the Application Work?"

When the date of the trip comes, the passenger will be alerted to the "Orange Table" officials simultaneously, by pressing the service point button at the entrance of the station, whichever station he will board. Then the officer comes and accompanies the disabled passenger until the seat he will travel. At the station where the passenger will land, the “Orange Table” attendant greets him and accompanies the passenger until the exit of the station. Disabled passengers benefit from the service of the "Orange Table" officers from the moment they enter the garage until they leave the station again.

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