YHT Pass Through Düzce Increasing Support for Signature Campaign

Support for the signature campaign is increasing
Support for the signature campaign is increasing

Support for the “High Speed ​​Train Pass Through Düzce” Signature Campaign launched by Düzce City Council Women's Council on the last day of 2019 is increasing. Announcing that 4 thousand signatures were collected in 40 days, the Women's Council President Hanife Gür said, “Our target is 100 thousand signatures”. On the other hand, Mayor of Düzce Faruk Özlü, who spoke to the local press, said that the subject of the High Speed ​​Train line planned to be established on the Ankara-Istanbul route passes through Düzce. There is currently no active work to have another route. Collecting signatures as if the train was fleeing is not a correct move. ” said.

Support grew avalanche

PioneervAccording to the news in; “With the agenda to establish a High Speed ​​​​Train line between Ankara and Istanbul, the attempts to pass through Düzce have been accelerated recently. kazanwas. Düzce University Dean Prof. Dr. In the light of the reports prepared by Ayhan Şamandar with the opinion of Japanese scientists, the mobilization on the high-speed train route for Düzce, which continued from four branches, accelerated with the signature campaign. kazanwas. Support for the "Let the High Speed ​​​​Train Pass Through Düzce" Signature Campaign launched by Şamandar, who has been working on the high-speed train for 5 years, on his social media account grew like an avalanche.

City Council Women's Council launched the campaign on 31 December

The Düzce City Council Women's Council, chaired by Hanife Gür, also rolled up its sleeves so that the signature campaign was not limited to social media. Firstly, it was moved to the City Council Executive Board of Düzce Municipality after the demand for the establishment of a signing campaign stand at the points with the highest circulation of the city, which was put on the agenda of the City Council Women's Council Executive Board. In the decision that was taken unanimously by the 9 executive committees, the consent campaign of the City Council Women's Council was given. Thus, on Monday, December 31, at the shopping center, Women's Council President Hanife Gür took the stand and gave the start of the signature campaign. City Council President Av. Arber. Ali Dilber also signed and supported the campaign.

“There is great support for our campaign”

Commenting on Oncu Haber about the campaign, which continued in the first days of the new year, Duzce City Council Women's Council President Hanife Gur said, “We started our campaign on 31 December and still continue. We collect signatures between 14:00 and 18:00, which are the busiest hours in the shopping center. There is great support for our campaign. ” said.

“We want this train to run away”

Reminding that they organized this event to support the signature campaign launched on social media, Gür said, “We want this train to escape. Experts, scientists prepared files and presented them to Ankara. We continue our campaign by taking the executive board to support the City Council Women's Council. Now we have reached nearly 40 thousand signatures, our goal is 100 thousand signatures… If we have any benefit to our Düzce, we are happy. We are in every job that will be beneficial to our country. ” He spoke in the form.

High speed train comment from Mayor Özlü

On the other hand, while the signature campaigns launched by establishing social media and booths continue, Düzce Mayor Faruk Özlü, who made statements to the Düzce Post about the high-speed train, is the right move to start the signature campaign for passing the High Speed ​​Train line planned to be established on the Ankara-Istanbul route through Düzce. said it wasn't.

Mayor Faruk Özlü explained that he had been informed about the issue three years ago with the Ministry of Transportation officials and that there was a technical problem, and he said that he met with the Deputy Ministers of Transportation and Infrastructure two weeks ago.

Stating that the Ministry knows the subject very well and continues to work on the technical and financial feasibility of experts, Özlü said, “The subject is in the hands of the business. There is currently no active work to have another route. It is not the right way to foam this issue and collect signatures as if the train is running. None of us are fast train experts in Düzce. Let the experts work. Ministry experts will make the right decision. Trust the experts. ” said.

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