YHT Business Class Discounts Removed

Business class discounts removed on high-speed trains
Business class discounts removed on high-speed trains

TCDD Tasimacilik removed the discounts for all groups of teachers, students, disabled and TCDD employees in 'business class' wagons, which are generally preferred by business people. Passengers can now travel in these wagons by paying the full ticket price.

According to the news of Olcay Aydilek from HabertürkTCDD comes one after another in terms of ticket prices and service quality in 'business class' wagons.

With the New Year, TCDD has ended the ongoing discounts on business class wagons since the day YHTs were put into service.

The discounts to be removed as of 3 January 2020 are as follows:

  • 13 percent of young people (ages 26-15),
  • Teachers 15 percent,
  • At least 12 percent of group passengers are 15 percent,
  • 60 percent of passengers between the ages of 64-15,
  • Domestic and foreign press card holders 15 percent,
  • TCDD staff 20 percent,
  • 7 percent of children (ages 12-50),
  • 65 percent of passengers aged 50 and over.
  • Discounts for disabled people

After the abolition of discounts on YHT and Ankara-Istanbul business class wagons, ticket prices with and without meals are as follows:

  • Anatolian side: One person without food 125, with food 155 TL
  • European side: 140.50 TL per person without meals, 170.50 TL with meals.

Only round trip discount

TCDD sources said that only 15 percent discount is made in business class wagons if round-trip tickets are purchased, and all segments can travel at the business class by paying full tickets.

Sources, other wagons, said the existing discounts continue.

Service Quality Will Be Improved

It was learned that TCDD also aims to increase the service quality offered in business class wagons. In this context, passengers will be given steel cutlery instead of plastic. The services will be made in a porcelain plate on the tray. Tender preparations are ongoing. After this arrangement, business class ticket prices are expected to increase at a certain rate.

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