Native Cars Introduced So Citizen Can Buy

the domestic car was introduced so can the citizens buy
the domestic car was introduced so can the citizens buy

Although the prototype of the recently introduced domestic car creates excitement in the community, the price will be high, and most citizens are claimed to see only this car showcase.

Turkey's domestic automakers showcased in the last days. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) announced that production would begin in 2022.

According to the news of the New Message newspaper; No explanation has been made for the price of the vehicle yet, but it is not sure that it will be a cheap car. It is stated that even if there is no explanation about the price of the domestic car, it will be the equivalent of brands such as BMW and Tesla. The price of the electric version of the new BMW is claimed to exceed 400 thousand TL, while in Tesla the price reaches 1 million.

New message"The number of experts who state that the price of a domestic car, which can go 300 and 500 kilometers on a single charge, cannot be under 400 thousand TL, and the SUV model will be even higher," he said. According to the most optimistic estimates, if we assume that the domestic car is on the road today, its price will be 200 thousand TL and above ”.


"Two years later, expressed might be in the way, and the price we let viewed domestic auto aside certain to be high, according to official statistics no possibility to buy any cars already 10 people from four in Turkey," called the report noted the following:

"The European Union (EU) Statistics Agency (Eurostat) by 2017 percent of citizens in Turkey in 39 with no possibility of buying a car. Turkey ranks first in Europe in 34 countries in this area.

The proportion of those who are unable to buy cars is only 28 percent in 6.8 EU countries. Eastern European and Balkan countries are in a better position than Turkey in this area. with 39 percent followed by 29.8 percent of Turkey is located at the summit Romania, Serbia with 21.9 percent, with 20.6 percent of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary and coming North with 20.1 percent 19.9 percent.

The proportion of those who are not able to buy cars is as follows in other countries in Europe: 9.7 percent in Greece, 8.3 percent in Denmark, 6.9 percent in Croatia, 6.4 percent in the Netherlands, 6.3 percent in Germany, 5.8 percent in the UK, It is 2.7 percent in France and 2.7 percent in Italy. The lowest rate is 1.7 percent in Cyprus and Malta. According to Eurostat data, the ratio in 2016 was 43.9 percent in Turkey. In 2017, it fell to 39 percent. The 2018 data for Turkey, although it described many countries has not yet announced.


Prices of transport in Turkey, tax-free (crude costs) are rising because of the tax applied to it. Special Consumption Tax (SCT) comes first, and VAT is added to this.

For example, for a vehicle with a cylinder volume of 1500 cm³ and a tax-free sales price of 100 thousand TL (SCT 50 percent), the sales price with SCT reaches 150.000 TL, and the sales price including VAT; 150.000 TL + (18 percent VAT) 27.000 TL = 177 thousand liras. Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) and some other fees are added to this price.


On the other hand, the number of motor vehicles per capita in Turkey has doubled in the last 15 years. While 2003 vehicles fell to 100 people in 13.5, this rate increased to 2018 in 27.9. The increase rate in 15 years is 107 percent.

In the same period, the rate of automobiles per person increased from 7.1 percent to 15.1 percent. This means an 113 percent increase. Considering the number of cars per person in Europe, Turkey ranks last open the way again.

European Union countries in 2016, 100 people fell to 50.5 in the same year, Turkey car hundred cars falling to 14.2. While the number of motor vehicles per 100 people in Turkey in the EU 28, the number 51. "



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