Either Kanal Or Istanbul Coordination Appeals To The Change In The Environmental Plan

either the channel or the coordination of istanbul objected to the change in the layout of the environment
either the channel or the coordination of istanbul objected to the change in the layout of the environment

Ya Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination objected to the change made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in the 1 / 100.000 scaled Environmental Plan of Istanbul Province European Reserve Reserve Building Area to prepare the infrastructure of Kanal Istanbul. The citizens, who came together in front of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, carried the banner of "Rent and plunder project" and "No channel to Istanbul" by opening the banner "Earthquake budget, not channel".

Kemal Doksanyedi read the press statement on behalf of either Kanal Ya İstanbul.

Doksanyedi said that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization convened to challenge the changes made in the European Side Reserve Building Area 1 / 100.000 scale Environmental Plan of Istanbul to prepare the base of Kanal Istanbul.


Doksanyedi, who said that scientists predicted that 1 million residences in Istanbul are not safe and that more than 100 thousand residences can be destroyed in a possible earthquake, “We repeat once again as Kanal Ya İstanbul Coordination: While people are homeless due to bad construction, not because of an earthquake, An earthquake budget should be allocated to the Canal Project, which would yield a handful of rich people. For this reason, one of the important reasons for our objection to the change made in the Environmental Plan is the earthquake title. Earthquake scientists openly say that the Marmara mouth of the channel will be severely affected by the Istanbul earthquake. The plan change envisages the establishment of a new city with a population of up to 3 million in the region where 1 live fault lines are located. This settlement will magnify the effects of earthquake and tsunami risk. The New City Project is an invitation to massacre. ”


Doksanyedi, who listed his objections to the plan change that will cause a major ecological destruction in Istanbul, said, “The planning processes and the EIA processes are unlawful and therefore there is no such change in the plan. The plan change contradicts the main decisions of the Istanbul Environmental Plan with a scale of 1/100 000. In this sense, it is unlawful and absent. The urgent suspension of 1/100 000 plan changes before the EIA process is completed indicates a flaw in the legal basis of the plan. The EIA Report has been approved after the plan has been suspended, which means that the pending plan is not the EIA Report. The suspension of the plan without the objection being evaluated or even waiting for the last day of the objection period, and the sounds of “this channel will be made anyway” rising from the government mean imposing an unlawful process on the public. When the final EIA report and the plan change are compared, the differences in terms of project limits draw attention. From here, it is possible to say clearly that the plan change of the EIA report cannot be an EIA report. ”


Stating that the upper-scale planning principles are not taken into account in the plan change, Doksanyedi said, “There is an inconsistency between the plan change's own plan notes and the plan. and forest areas. Although it is clearly stated that the main components of ecological belts and corridors, which are indispensable for the sustainable development of Istanbul, are drinking water basins and forest areas, 1/100 000 plan change has not been prepared with this acceptance. There are inconsistencies between the plan notes and the plan. Participation was not observed: In order to participate in the preparation of the plan, information was not provided with methods such as meetings, workshops, announcements, and opinions of local governments, universities, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations were not received. According to the EIA report, cultural assets such as Bathonea Ancient City on the Küçükçekmece Lake shore and the Halfburgaz Caves, one of the first settlements in Istanbul, will be swallowed by the project. Villages will disappear, cemeteries will disappear. It is not based on public interest. Yenişehir planning approach is in contradiction with the three main plans that have been made for Istanbul so far; It is an imperative approach, not 'holistic', 'particle / projectist', not only pursuing the conservation-use balance, but only using, participatory, political decisions. It is far from the public interest. Such projects will trigger other new investments and illegal constructions around projects carried out with autonomous decisions that disrupt the integrity of the plan and cause a vicious circle that destroys the sensitive areas in the north of the city. The project will break up all the infrastructure and transportation axes on the urban scale, and impose a very high and non-priority social and economic costs on the public, and in this sense it is at a loss not to the public interest. ”


Channel / New Town Project, Turkey is a party, especially in Montreux, Ramsar and the Treaty of Paris was Eighty stated that contrary to many international conventions, including, "Do not costing the destruction of nature. The coastal geography of the Black Sea will deteriorate. Water resources of water-poor Istanbul will disappear. The right to life, the right to water, is taken from the basic and future generations. Who can calculate the cost of the destruction of nature at this scale, how, how? It is a project that neglects the right of the city and seeks the right to life of society, future generations and all living things. ”

Following the press release, citizens submitted their petitions to the ministry, which they objected to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization's Environmental Plan. (UNIVERSAL)

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