What can be done in Akyaka?

what to do in akyaka
what to do in akyaka

If you are planning to go to Akyaka; of course What to do in Akyaka? You also wonder the answer to the question. We also answered the sights and what we can do as far as we can see. Akyaka, which is among the beautiful resorts that have managed to remain secluded even today; my nature lays all its beauties on your feet. Of course if you go here; you will have seen a cute coastal town that you dreamed of. Since many sightseeing routes that you can admire are possible in the region; Get ready for a holiday experience that will live every moment to the fullest!

Especially Akyaka, with its magnificent location overlooking the Gulf of Gökova; It is also home to many hidden paradise in itself. This beautiful town next to the Sakar Mountain attracts attention as it is very convenient for many activities. In this context, the first activity recommended in the town is; It consists of swimming in a clean bay. Akyaka, which has very ideal bays for swimming, has beautiful beaches and bays.

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Enjoy the Sea in the Bays of Akyaka

Imagine an immaculate bay; right next to the beach and of course a blue sea… All of these are waiting for you on the beaches of Akyaka. Here are 4 beautiful coves and beaches of Akyaka:

  • Akyaka Public Beach
  • Akyaka Cinar Bay
  • Akyaka Akbuk Bay
  • Akyaka Forest Camp Beach

Enter the Sea under the Shade of Pine Trees at Akyaka Public Beach

Akaya Public Beach is defined as a beach that stands out with its unique features. Since it is a beach where the sweet source meets the sea, it is possible to meet the coolness of fresh water from time to time.

Cool Down in Akyaka Çınar Bay!

Although Akyaka is a little distant from the center, this is the perfect place to swim. This bay, which is very crowded on special days and weekends; offers you the pleasure of a cold water in the hot summer months.

A magical atmosphere is waiting for you in Akyaka Akbük Bay

Akbük, a place that can be called a truly magnificent bay; It also hosts many facilities. Therefore, you can rent an umbrella or sunbed in an affordable way in the region; you can enjoy the sea to the full.

Akyaka Forest Camp Beach

If you like forest camp; Akyaka Forest Camp will offer alternative alternatives that are beautiful for you.

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