Ways to Increase Instagram Views

ways to increase instagram views
ways to increase instagram views

Instagram, one of the largest social platforms in the world, is only a photo sharing platform, but also allows for video sharing by adding various updates over time. With the latest updates of Instagram has made this application much more functional.

One of the most noteworthy of these updates is to bring video viewing options to Instagram application, both according to Instagram's user requests and now with more updates for this application. Instagram video viewing has come to the forefront after the updates that have been announced immediately after the increase in the importance given to video sharing by Facebook application.

This was one of the new updates offered by Instagram. Now, with this update, we have to tell Instagram users how much their videos have been viewed and how much they have liked, and that Instagram is a competitor to video viewing applications with figures and counters. But now even users who work to increase the number of video views are encountered.

Instagram Video Times

Those who do not update on this subject may still not be aware. Firstly Instagram video times increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Extending video sharing updates to exactly 60 seconds has begun to allow Instagram users to engage in video capture. Instagram is aware of this situation and is constantly starting to offer new updates for video capture.

How to Increase Video Views

Let's help you with this because the number of video views in Instagram has become so important. How to increase video viewing? First, you should improve the quality and diversity of your videos. Nowadays cameras and cameras are produced especially for social media. Using them will help you improve the quality of the video. At an important point, it is very important to set the video times well. Even if videos are allowed for a period of 60 seconds, you can also share videos less than this time.

Setting the time well will draw people's attention to you and it is extremely important in terms of interest. Apart from this, it is very important to edit and edit videos in a professional format in order to improve the video quality. Instagram users share their favorite videos and have a direct impact on the increase in the number of views. Some users also spend less effort and buy fake viewers to increase the number of views of videos in a shorter way. This allows higher numbers of videos to be watched with less effort. Buying audiences on Instagram has become quite popular lately.

Ways to increase your Instagram interaction

This platform is sometimes transformed into an excessive portfolio, and sometimes becomes a platform that brands use only for product promotions in the active use of Instagram users and brand companies and various organization companies.

In order to have a large audience, you need to increase the interaction. Things to do for this;

  • The photos with the face bring 38% more likes and 32% more comments.
  • Photos containing real people using any product provide 30% more interaction (for brands).
  • Light-weight photos are 24% more interactive than dark-color photos.
  • Photos with more background space provide 29% more interaction than the lesser ones.
  • This application also provides the most interaction on Sunday and at least on Wednesday.
  • 5 and less hashtags provide more interaction with 2% of the photos used. (6 hashtags and more reduce interaction).
  • Photos provide 26% more interaction than videos.
  • In this application, the most used Mayfair effect provides 2% more interaction than the least used Toaster effect.
  • Blue-dominated photos provide 24% more interaction than red-dominated photos.

The most important factor "interaction" (likes, comments, sharing etc.) this application is the most important situation. IWays to increase your interaction with Instagram as mentioned above.

The fastest growing social media platform

According to a survey among social media platforms around the world, Instagram was chosen as the most used social media platform. The fastest growing social media platform There are more than 200 million users. It is 15 times more than Facebook application and 40 times more than Twitter application.

Instagram's link with other social networks

According to shares with photo content and only shares with text content; in LinkedIn%98 has more interactions on Google %94 more interaction, while on Facebook %73 has more interactions, and Twitter %35 receives more retweets. It is a photo social media platform with statistics Instagram's link with other social networks also shows a structure that can provide success.

Instagram suggestion

There are very few people who do not use this social media platform, which is the most active in the world. If we use Instagram correctly, we will draw attention.

Here are a few tips;

Hashtag usage:You should not forget that hashtags are also modest (you must have a maximum of 5 hashtags), but remember that hashtags are effective in searches.

Regular content sharing: You need to offer regular follow-ups to your followers at specific time intervals. (100 of the 57 most popular brands share at least 1 share in a week, while 28 share at least 5 shares in a week.)

Right time: You should show your followers the right timing and the right shares. Example: you should share your time, season, holiday, event and so on.

Competition: Contests organized on Instagram are a very effective method to expand your audience on Instagram and increase the interaction of your post.

Traffic: Share the address of your Instagram account on other social media platforms (or include in private areas), so you can increase your traffic.

According to the information given above, it is not difficult to have large masses. This Instagram suggestion I hope you have been useful with.

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