TÜVASAŞ Continues to National Train Distance 7/24

uvasas continues to train national train
uvasas continues to train national train

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. National Electric Trains 7/24 mobilization continues. The devoted work of the workers involved in the construction of the national train continues day and night. The national train is aimed to be on the tracks at the end of June or July.

Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ), foreign firms gained the knowledge of the diesel train series production under license, using the national electric railway series production.

National electric train series production of 160 kilometers per hour within the scope of the production of the prototype is expected to be completed by the middle of this year and the vehicle is planned to be downloaded to the rails.

The test and certification process of this train series is completed by the end of the year and it is planned to start mass production. In addition, the National Electric Train Set, which is aimed to be exported to European Union countries by 2023, was designed in TSI standards and its speed was increased from 160 km / h to 200 km / h.

Produced in TÜVASAŞ, Milli Tren is on its way to be a first with its aluminum body design. The 160-vehicle set with a speed of 5 km / h with high comfort features was designed in accordance with the intercity travel. In addition, the National Train was designed to meet all the needs of disabled passengers.

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