The Need of Sakarya is not the Transport of the Gar, but the Urban Rail System

urban rail system not for the need for the clumsy to be moved
urban rail system not for the need for the clumsy to be moved

In a meeting attended by Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, after discussing the idea of ​​moving Adapazarı Station to Donatım (Kent) Park, the discussion in the past years came to the agenda again.

Demiryol-İş Union Sakarya Branch also made a statement about the discussions about the moving of the station and stated that the need for Sakarya is not the moving of the station, but the realization of the city rail system.
In the statement made by the union's president of Sakarya Branch Cemal Yaman and Secretary General Muammer Güneş, a regional rail system, which will include the districts, was proposed after the city rail system.

The entire statement made by the union is as follows: “As in the local press in Sakarya recently, the transportation of the Rail system and the Gar has started to be created as before the election. Before the local elections held recently, with the arrival of the Adapazarı-Istanbul train to the station, we quickly forgot the joy and happiness of our people and started to discuss the transportation of the station. We ask those who started the discussion, what's the problem with Gar? See, the train, which is called to create a traffic problem, goes to the station 10 times a day and there are no problems in traffic. It comes and goes with the normal light system. Let those who started these discussions know that the GARs of the world and the big cities developed in our country are in the center of the city. Take a look at Tokyo, London, Germany. As the Sakarians, we need to spend our energy on the project of the light rail system, not for the lifting of the Gar.

Today, many more cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Kocaeli, Ankara, Samsun and Gaziantep have put forward and implement the rail system projects. The important thing here is to determine the areas of need and priority, and to realize not with the budgets of our Metropolitan Municipality but with the support of the central government as in Konya-Eskişehir-Kocaeli and Izmir. First of all, our Metropolitan Municipality should establish Transportation Inc., gathering universities, Satso, Sesob civil engineers and non-governmental organizations in Sakarya, and create projects for the future. First stage, especially Adapazarı-Istanbul train should enter this city on viaducts, existing areas should be used for social purpose and light rail system. In the second stage, wherever the light rail system need is, the region should be started and the system should be enlarged with new regions in the following years. The third stage is to bring light to the next hundred years by making regional rail system projects by combining from Summer Junction, Söültlü, Ferizli, Karasu, Kocaali, Akçakoca, Düzce and Hendek districts to Sakarya. In short, instead of discussing the Train Station, we believe that it would be better to think about Sakarya to have a more modern transportation system.

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