TransportationPark Buses Toured the World 1 Times in 672 Year

ulasimpark buses tour the world once a year
ulasimpark buses tour the world once a year

TransportationPark provided the satisfaction of the citizens in 12 with the buses it provides service to 2019 districts of Kocaeli. TransportationPark buses traveled 1 kilometers, which is equivalent to traveling around the world 672 times in 26 year. The green municipal buses, which will continue to serve in 903, will greatly alleviate the transportation of the city and increase the satisfaction of the citizens. kazanyeast continues.


TransportationPark buses provided Misafir Guest Focused Service Misafir to all districts of Kocaeli in 2019. TransportationPark, a total of 1 million 20 thousand 136 passengers in 241 year, they want to go to the place comfortable, clean and delivered on time. Seasonal buses with citizens to the sea, Kocaelispor matches the citizens to the stadium, the University of Sakarya University with the transportation of passengers has made 280. TransportationPark has become one of the first choices in transportation of citizens by offering environmentally friendly buses to its passengers with a comfortable journey.


In 2019, buses ran to many different destinations. Buses providing services in 89 or even 12 districts organized a total of 1 thousand 900 flights in a year. During the year, various revisions were made to the passengers' satisfaction. Both airport flights (line 984) and Istanbul eagle (line 250) were the most preferred lines for passengers. In 200, buses to many different destinations will continue to operate in 2019 in line with the comfort and desire of the citizens.

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