TÜGİAD President Şohoğlu: We Should Grow with Industry and Agriculture Focus

tugiad president sohoglu we should grow focused on industry and agriculture
tugiad president sohoglu we should grow focused on industry and agriculture

Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TUGIAD) Chairman Anil Alirıza Şohoğl, the press conference held at the headquarters met with journalists at the conference. At the meeting where 2019 evaluations were explained, 2020 economy was also examined.

Starting from 2020 the activities and planning of TUGIAD said Anil entering Alirıza Şohoğl "was established in 1986 TUGIAD, Turkey's first and only international, named" Turkey, "said one Young Businessmen Association. Istanbul center, Ankara, Bursa Çukurova and Ege branches are available. While 850 members operate in about 60 sectors, it has representative offices in 8 countries. Turkey's economy with a trade volume of approximately $ 50 billion. We have 850 billion dollars export with our 18 members ”.

Stating that they entered 2018 in a period when the economy stood as a knife after the exchange rate shock in 2019, Şohoğlu said, “We determined our main output abroad as a shrinking economy and directed our route to export. We made trips for export gates. We cooperated with DEİK and TİM. We have visited 12 countries in 10 months. Our purpose in these travels was to carry out the part of what we can do there. We signed a joint protocol with TBCCI in England. Many of our friends started exporting in England. We held a G20 young entrepreneurs summit in Japan. Brussels attending the general assembly YES lobby subjects focused on Turkey's accession to the European Union, "he said.

300 students on the way to Europe

Speaking about the projects realized by TÜGİAD, Şohoğlu said, “We established a company funded by TÜGİAD members 4 years ago. With this fund set up by 30 friends, we continue to invest in Start Up. In 2020, TÜGİAD will be targeted abroad. We are starting to take advantage of European Union projects. One of them is the Erasmus + project. In this project, we will send 300 students to internships in Europe. We also pressed the button to support women entrepreneurs. We will fund these projects from Europe. We will support entrepreneurs with the "Leave Your Trace With Your Idea" program organized by Ankara Branch. Sharing his criticism about universities, Şohoğlu said, “There are not so many universities. Education quality has decreased. Unskilled people were born. Educational institutions should update themselves. No intermediate profession. According to the official figure, there are 5 million Syrian and 1.5 million Afghans. There is a refugee problem in the country. This triggers unemployment. ”

Housing and automotive sales increased

assessment about Turkey's economy also share Alirıza Şohoğl the aforementioned "The measures taken by the end of 2019 the growth rate has begun to turn positive again. Turkey's economy $ 180 billion less a figure for the country exports 80 million. Despite these disadvantages, the decrease in interest rates and the decrease in these interests revived the domestic market. We also understand this from housing and automotive sales. SCT and VAT discounts also helped in this sense. ”

Şohoğl of "Turkey is a dynamic country that attracts attention to the importance of public savings for the economy. We need to pay attention to central banks rather than foreign financial institutions. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is more important to the businessman. Current data of interest to us from Turkey grows 3-5 percent a click will show perhaps fall further. We need to spend the hot money we take on production and technology. ”

The private sector should be supported to reduce youth unemployment

Pointing out that Turkey's biggest problem is that Şohoğl unemployment is one of the "27 percent youth unemployment to output. We entered 2020 with 14 percent unemployment. While doing this, we did not invest in it. Turkey's private sector supporting policies need to follow if it wants to meet its 5 percent growth rate. We are already growing 2 percent with the public. It should be provided in the private sector. Turkey must renounce the consuming growth model. We now need to implement structural reforms. Returning to the production economy, this country will not experience the exchange rate shock again. We need to put our growth economy on a solid basis. I hope we won't see elections until 2023. Political stability continues. ”

Agricultural economy should be reviewed

Emphasizing the importance of technological product and industry oriented growth, President Şohoğlu said, “This growth happens with technological products and industry. We cannot grow with debt and import. Turkey's agricultural economy reviewing lazım.biz production must we protect our own resources. 11. Development plan has been announced. It is a very accurate plan and a solid plan with its feet on the ground. The figures are more predictable. We do not have trouble diagnosing. We have a problem with the application. ”

Public banks supported the economy

Stating that private banks could not support the economy in this process, Şohoğlu said, “We have seen that public banks support the economy. He made very serious contributions. In September 2018, businessmen did not receive interest with 45 percent interest from private banks. Public banks became dynamic to the economy. The point of unemployment will become a social explosion. There is no way to solve unemployment. ”

US election process is an opportunity for Turkey

Murat Sağman, at TÜGİAD Economic Consultants, shared his 2020 predictions. Turkey's economy is a supportive environment for the transfer of Milking is a great opportunity for Turkey, the election environment in the United States, he added. "Direct investment in Turkey, 70 percent from Europe. Saying that we export most of our exports to Europe, Sağman continued his words as follows: “Our central bank has significantly lowered interest. Deferred demand came into play. Automobile housing sales come to life. Lowering the interest rate of the central bank is positive, but lowering it may support inflation. It should not create an imbalance. On the exchange side, cost inflation may be a problem if we grow rapidly on the demand side. If we go to 13-14, we will have to increase the interest. ”

Foreign currency generating jobs must be signed

Turkey stated that the 2 fundamental problem Sağman "We have two great problem of inflation and unemployment. Unemployment does not fall before the economy grows 4-5 percent. The banking sector should increase by 15-20% in growth. Banks should be in a position to give credit to business people easily so that investors see their way. Turkish lira can lose value as much as inflation. The Turkish lira is currently the least valued currency after Argentina. It should be increased to bring foreign currency-generating jobs from abroad. That TL has lost so much value. It undermines this situation in terms of competitiveness and completion in different business lines. Our brain drain is in question. ”

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