Transportation Projects Made Life Easier in Kocaeli

transportation projects made life easier
transportation projects made life easier

Many giant transportation projects have been implemented in Kocaeli in the last 16 years. With the completed projects, the road comfort of the citizens was increased while pedestrians were provided with road safety. Citizens' satisfaction was achieved through dozens of projects such as roads, junctions and overpasses built in 2019. Construction of the Department of Science and Works will continue to be presented to the citizens of many projects in 2020.


As in previous years, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality spent intensive work on transportation projects in 2019 as well. Within the scope of the works, Gebze district İstanbul Street Pedestrian Overpass, Dilovası West Junction junction, Köseköy Köprülü Junction, Başiskele district Industrial and Arpalık Streets construction, Karamürsel district Semetler Bridge, Gölcük district Yüzbaşılar Junction, İzmit district Baki Komsuoğlu Caddesi Pedestrian Overpass, SEKAPARK - Plajyolu 2nd Stage tram construction work, Purchase of tram vehicles, Çayırova and Gebze Fatih Train station connection roads construction, İzmit district Çetin Emeç Pedestrian Overpass, İzmit district Salim Dervişoğlu Street, Körfez Çıraklı - Derince Çavuşlu Neighborhoods connection bridge, Kocaeli Congress Center Parking Lot and Second Parking Lot to Forestry projects were completed. In addition to these large projects, many small and medium-sized projects were made available to the citizens.


In 2019, many projects were completed and presented to the citizens, while the construction process continues in some projects. In this context, the construction of Dilovası Eynerce Junction Yavuz Sultan Selim Street Connection and Çayırova - Tuzla Şifa Neighborhood Crossing Bridge and Connection Roads are in progress. In addition, bridge junction, overpass projects, road repair and renovation works continue throughout the province. The projects under construction will be available to citizens as they are finished.


With the overpasses opened by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2019 for the use of citizens, pedestrians were able to transport safely in the city. By means of repair and renovation works, citizens can travel more easily by increasing road comfort. In addition, the continuity of the highways with transit bridges and bridge crossings were built and the crossing of the vehicles was made safer.

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