Train Wagons Come to the Rescue of Elazig Earthquake Victims

elazigli earthquake survivors spend the night in train wagons
elazigli earthquake survivors spend the night in train wagons

One of the few shelters in Elazig, which is experiencing an earthquake, is the train station in the city center. Here, 14 wagons are prepared to accommodate citizens. Citizens are experiencing Universaltold to.

Stating that they need food, Nail Dinç said, “We are tenants at home, there is not much damage. We are a family of three, we don't have a tent, we don't have a car. We came here tonight. Only our need for accommodation is met here and it is warm. ” Aslı Yurtseven, who came to Elazig with her family on holiday, stated that there was a lot of damage to their homes. Yurtseven said, “My mothers normally stay 3 people, and here we are 6. I don't know if there will be another help as we just got here? But as I said, the fact that it is electricity and hot makes this place a little more comfortable. At least for the next week, it will be good for us to help like food and blankets. Because we do not have a car, we cannot take our needs and return here again. ”

Another citizen who stayed in the train wagons stated that they spent the first night in the house of his father-in-law, and then they came here - to the train station. We are afraid to enter our house only because there are cracks on the walls and we spend the night here. ”

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