TCDD YHT Accident Report I'm Not Guilty

tcdd yht accident report and received the report
tcdd yht accident report and received the report

TCDD prepared a special report on the YHT accident in Ankara, where 9 people died, and said, "I am not guilty". In the bespoke report, two machinists who died with the trainer were found guilty

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the day of December 13, 2018 9 people lost their lives in Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) special report concerning the accident to complete author Istanbul Commerce University, was presented to the court. In the report, TCDD officials were found flawless.

İsmail Saymaz from Hürriyet newspaperAccording to the news; TCDD prepared a special report to Istanbul Commerce University regarding the accident that killed 9 people in Ankara and presented it to the court.

In the report of the board kazanThe invoice for the train was cut by the train constable who could not arrange the rails and the two machinists who died.

In the report dated November 12, 2019 of the board formed by the Istanbul Commerce University Transportation Systems Application and Research Center, TCDD officials who started the YHT flight without completing the signaling system were found flawless.



in the report kazanAs the first perpetrator of the accident, Osman Yıldırım, who came to Ankara on a temporary duty two months before this accident and was put to work without any training, was shown. Despite being warned over the phone, it was stated that Yıldırım did not arrange the scissors through which the train would pass.

It was emphasized that the machinists did not realize that they were advancing on the wrong line even because of the thoughtfulness or neglect of the task.

In the expert report of Eskişehir Technical University, kazanThe absence of the signaling system was cited as one of the main reasons for the TCDD Inspection Board also deemed the Ankara Station Manager to be defective.

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