Solution Permeable Concrete for Flood Raids

Prevents permeable concrete flooding
Prevents permeable concrete flooding

Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) in urban areas with increased rainfall, drew attention to the importance of the use of permeable concrete. Emphasizing that floods have been experienced as a result of excessive rainfall in recent years, European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) and THBB President Yavuz Işık stated that Permeable Concrete helps to protect underground water level by allowing rain and surface runoff to reduce groundwater risks and reduce flood risks. He said that surface pollutants prevent soil erosion and erosion.

Since 1988, the foundation date considerable efforts shows Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association for producing and using high quality concrete in Turkey (TRMCA), quality, environment, construction of sustainability and safety applications, ready-mixed concrete and makes a major contribution to the development of related sectors. Thanks to the use of permeable concrete, rainwater meeting with the underground is of great importance in terms of sustainability and prevents flooding.

European Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) and THBB President Yavuz Işık stated that ready-mixed concrete brings important solutions to our living spaces and said, “Flood disasters have been experienced in recent years as a result of excessive rainfall. It is possible to prevent such disasters with permeable concrete. Because, permeable concrete is a concrete that contains interconnected cavities unlike conventional concrete. In these concretes sand and so on. fine aggregate is never used or used very little. Thus, water permeability is provided by creating gaps in the concrete. Thus, the use of permeable concrete pavements has numerous environmental and economic benefits. One of the disadvantages of climate change is excessive rainfall. These extreme rains jeopardize the safety of life and property in our cities. Particularly in big cities, it is difficult to absorb rain and melting snow from the soil. Permeable concrete allows rain and surface runoff to infiltrate underground, helping to maintain groundwater levels and reducing flood risks. In doing so, it prevents surface contaminants from entering the soil and erosion. Permeable concrete is much more cost-effective than other complex stormwater management systems and can be easily implemented. ”

Pervious concrete pavements, roads with light traffic, Yavuz indicating that the wide range of uses such as public parking light, Turkey Ready as concrete Union Ministry of Environment and with the Ministry of Urbanism "Pervious Concrete Guide" prepared they are, thanks to this Guide, available from the Ministry or thbb'n's website permeable concrete decision makers, designers or practitioners said.


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