What happened to Şanlıurfa Trambus Project? Old Bashkan Farmer Announces

sanliurfa trambus project what happened the old backan farmer explained
sanliurfa trambus project what happened the old backan farmer explained

Former Mayor of Şanlıurfa Nihat Çiftçi made a statement in his social media account regarding the Trambus project.

Trambus, who participated in the public transportation system in order to facilitate transportation by former Mayor Nihat Çiftçi in the former Şanlıurfa, did not come into play again. The statement made by Nihat Çiftçi, the Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, will be activated at full capacity on 21 November.

The former mayor, Nihat Çiftçi, who shared the official social media account, said the following in his statement: 'Our team prepared a rail transportation plan at the public transportation point of Şanlıurfa. At the head of the team that prepared this transportation project, Prof. Dr. There was Rafet Bozdağ. Rafet teacher worked as a consultant on transportation. He worked as a transportation coach and as the head of the transportation department in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for years. ''

'Rafet teacher chaired by our transportation department with the teams Kayseri Transportation Aş. The opinion of the team consisting of experts and Yalova University: Şanlıurfa is the busiest transportation line with 43 thousand passengers per day. from the center to the public transport transfer station, third stage; Pickup Center The rail system on the way to Akçekale up to Eyyübiye hospital, in the fourth stage; collection Center Harran University by laying the rail system from Mardin to Sanliurfa transportation problem will be solved fifty years report was presented. This report; Presented to the Metropolitan Municipality council, the transportation commission has evaluated the issue in terms of making the project has given authority to the presidency of our council ''.

Our Agency has decided to prepare the first phase of this report and to extend the roads, infrastructure and crossroads for the other phases. While the rail system project of the first stage is being studied; The technical teams demanded that all the infrastructures on the route passing through the Divan road should be displaced. Shuski General Directorate of water, channel, telecom, rain drainage, energy lines passed through a depth of 4 to 5 meters and displacement was not possible opinion was reported. Due to this infrastructure, it was decided that instead of laying tram rails, the trambus with the same characteristics except the rail would be suitable because of the rubber. The project, which was prepared by the teams, was put out to open tender under all technical and administrative specifications. Ankara Tender for this tender Bozankaya A company called AS kazanwas. The company has the competence and has implemented successful rail and non-rail transportation projects in Kayseri, Bursa, Malatya and many other cities. The tender price of the Trambus project was 60 million. 30 million of this belonged to lines, buildings, energy, catatrels, stops, etc. superstructures. It belonged to 30 units of 11 meters trambus vehicles per 24 million. The company started work. He completed the superstructure on time. In accordance with the conservation board decision, additional time was given for some changes in the project. During the production of trambus vehicles, the exchange rate rose throughout Turkey. For this reason, the company had difficulties in producing these machines it was committed to. Like all companies in Turkey, he applied to the Ministry and reported his grievances due to the high exchange rate. With the enacted legal legislation, the contractor companies were given the right to terminate the contract unilaterally or for an appropriate additional period. The contractor company used the right of an additional period of 7-8 months for the manufacture of the machines from the Transportation Department. Before this period began, my presidency had been completed.

The perception that the public does not turn trambus is completely unreal. When the line was completed, several attempts were made. Vehicle test passed successfully. The aim of this project was to finish the density on line 63 and to transport it with 40 trambus machines instead of 50-11 buses in comfortable, better conditions and in a shorter time.

What to do now: If the contractor company has not fulfilled its commitment in the additional time; immediately the guarantee will be recorded as revenue to the institution and the machine part will be operated immediately by issuing the tender to the line. There is no technical or administrative line in this project. The aim was to bring high quality to Şanlıurfa Transportation. This project; now can not be made at a price higher than four times. All the details and the truth are as I have told you. These issues are fixed by documents in the transport office, as well as experts and officials working with us. It is not right to sacrifice this project to a number of people who do not want the advancement of Şanlıurfa. It is wrong to give premiums to created perceptions.

This is all the information about the trambus project. I respectfully present this information to the public in Şanlıurfa. He made a statement. (İbrahim Çakmak - Urfanatik)

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