SAMULAŞ Subscription Tariff Launched

samulas subscription tariff entered service
samulas subscription tariff entered service

Samsun Project Transportation Reconstruction Construction, which is affiliated to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş (SAMULAŞ) announced that the subscription tariff expected in buses and trams has been put into service in the new year.

Accordingly, the student teacher subscription tariff for Education Samkart for 30 days use 50 boarding 90 TL, 75 boarding 125 TL, 100 boarding 150 TL and 150 boarding 225 TL was announced. The civilian subscription tariff for Extra Samkart (Yellow Samkart) was announced as 30 boarding 50 TL, 130 boarding 75 TL, 190 boarding 100 TL, 240 boarding 150 TL for 350 days use.

In the announcement made from the official Twitter account of SAMULAŞ, “Our monthly subscription tariff for our valued passengers has been approved with the decision of 20 December 2019 and UKOME decision of 2019/7 and it has been implemented as of 31 December 2019. Once you have determined your subscription plan, you can download from our Samkart Application Center or from our individual dealers. Subscription installation is not possible from our automatic payment devices at our tram stops. You can get your subscription plan back if you wish before using it in turnstile or public transportation. You will not be entitled to a refund if you have your card read on any device or tourniquet after receiving the tariff. ”


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