Salda Ski Resort Ready for the Season

salda ski resort
salda ski resort

The season is opened at the Salda Ski Center in Burdur with a view of Lake Salda at an altitude of 900. During the summer months in Turkey Maldives are known as the Salt Lake while visiting the 1 million 400 thousand people, it was the winter season, the Ski Salt Lake overlooking the meeting point of Salta this time. The season opened at Salda Ski Center with an altitude of 900. Burdur Governor Hasan Şıldak and AK Party Burdur Deputy Bayram Özçelik attended the season opening ceremony.

The ceremony was held with the participation of Burdur Governor Hasan Şıldak and the accompanying protocol, accompanied by the unique view of the winter season, and the opening of the season was held in Salda Ski Center where green and blue meet white cover.

Salda Ski Center, located at the altitude of 1.900 meters in Eşeler Plateau Tınaztepe locality, located within the borders of Burdur's Yeşilova District, started to welcome ski lovers with the expected snowfall in the last week of December.

With the participation of the Governor of Burdur Şıldak and the protocol, the 860 season opening of the Ski Center, which is on the way to become one of the unchanging addresses of the winter season, accompanied by the 1.000 meters long chairlift line and the unique Salda Lake View, which varies between 1.500 and 3 meters, appealing to skiers of all levels. done.

The opening of the season, especially the Governor Hasan Şıldak Bayram Özçelik Deputy, Garrison Commander P. Alb. Cenk Baburşah, President of the Justice Commission Hacı Süleyman Arslan, Rector of MAKU. Dr. Adem Korkmaz, Governor Abdulhamit Karaca, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander J. Alb. Orhan Kilic, Provincial Police Director Umit Bitirik, district mayors, AK Party Provincial Chairman Volkan Mengi, Secretary General of the Western Mediterranean Development Agency Volkan Guler, managers and citizens attended the institution.

Governor Şıldak, MP Özçelik and Governor Karaca made speeches in the program. After the speeches, Governor Şıldak, who examined the Ski Center, received information about the facilities and services offered by the authorities. Gendarmerie Snow Engine, which started to serve in the Ski Center this year, was introduced by the Gendarmerie personnel in the program where the snow engine was driving.

In Turkey, the interest from day to day beginner ski season with ski lovers continued to increase in Salta Ski snowboarding, skiing and sledding sliding profits they enjoy.

In his speech at the opening, Governor Hasan Şıldak said, “Burdur continues to use its tourism potential more and more, to bring it to the forefront and to make it more functional. We have blessings consisting of our trio of history, nature and culture in a way that does not comply with each. Our task is to evaluate the natural, natural and historical beauties that are interspersed with Burdur as a mosaic both as a political institution, bureaucracy, administrators and local governments and to present them to the service of our people and turn them into an income generating element.

With this facility established in 2012, Burdur has also got its share from winter tourism, but as of now, we cannot use the facilities of this facility despite this potential, the quality of the snow quality here, despite the characteristics of the ski center. With full capacity, we want to increase this place to much higher conditions, both in terms of social facilities and accommodation, and to increase it to higher levels in terms of teleski, chairlift facilities and track length. We will intensify our future work at this point.

As our governor says, we have 3 runways. We're at an altitude of 1.900. In terms of location and this year, especially in terms of snow thickness is seen ahead of other ski resorts in the region. Experts say it is a great opportunity for first-time skiers and intermediate skiers. Combining this ski resort with very favorable conditions with summer tourism, we strive for the evaluation of Yeşilova District in the projects integrated with Salda Lake where both summer and winter tourism can be realized.

As all our related friends know, we want to bring an authentic accommodation facility that will appeal to the ski center and reduce the overall tourism intensity of Salda, in 2020, with a guided project that we will carry out with our Western Mediterranean Development Agency.

I believe that another project, the cable car project, whose feasibility studies were finalized by our Development Agency, is now on the Burdur agenda, and that a comprehensive tourism activity equipped with a cable car will add value to us in Sagalassos and Yeşilova District.

Our deputies, all institutions and organizations, civil society, university act together. As long as this association continues, we will continue to develop by adding a new one every year on every service, as our deputy states.

Here at the entrance to the cafeteria, our female citizens produce souvenirs with the help of the women's cooperative, which we established in the new establishment in Yeşilova. For the first time, we have started women's co-operatives in our province. Yeşilova in our district, Ağlasun in our district and in the city center. All of them started to offer products that will close the deficit of Burdur in this area that will serve tourism with local characteristics. We will support these people. I hope that we will all do our shopping today and leave. ”

At the end of his speech, Governor Hasan Şıldak added that there is plenty of snow for farmers and ski lovers, saying that Ski Season will be beneficial to Yeşilova and Burdur and be fertile.

Salda Ski Center is run by our District Governor. Yesilova District Governorship Association of Providing Services to Villages is here with 8 staff. He provides social services, cafeteria, restaurant services, parking services, lift and runway services with his team. The prices applied to our citizens and all our guests here are very reasonable. Compared to other ski resorts in the vicinity, I can say that it is very very cheap. Cheap and quality service is offered. The condition of the track and the snow quality are very good. We can estimate the number of visitors. As of last year, around 30 thousand guests had been here in the season. We expect much more this year. We started on the same calendar. We opened the season at the end of December. Especially on Sundays and semester break we expect intensity. We also have a small number of accommodation facilities. We can accommodate six families here. All ski lovers are welcome.

Governor Hasan Şıldak, Gendarmerie Snow Engine in Salda Ski Center will provide service in his statement about the, Citizens in every environment to ensure the safety of life and property, we take care to be able to spend time safely in the environment. This year, two snow engines were allocated to our city by our Gendarmerie General Command. We have not begun to actively use them. Because our staff will receive a training, we will put snow engines here in a short time.

We are also taking measures for Lake Salda. We will have a boat belonging to our gendarmerie and put the patrol on horseback. I think these are important developments for security and security. ”


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