Marine NGOs Gathered for Kanal Istanbul

sailors have come together for the channel istanbul
sailors have come together for the channel istanbul

At the call of TÜRDEF, Denizci NGOs came together for the “Kanal Istanbul Project” Consultation.

Turkey Shipping Federation (TÜRDEF) to be held at least once every three months agreed with the Board's decision in the third President of the NGO Meeting was held in Istanbul Channel Project within the scope of consultations Day Aybay Maritime Center on January 23, 2020.

TÜRDEF member NGOs' Presidents and delegates also attended the technical meeting; Prof. dr. Özcan ARSLAN, Dr. Özkan POYRAZ, Eng. Erdal YAZICI, Eng. Yaşar CANCA, Kpt. Tuncay ÇEHRELİ and Kpt. Hunting. Çağlar COŞKUNSU also made an important contribution with its expert opinions.

The Turkish Straits Montreux Convention was also discussed in detail at the meeting where the effects of the Kanal Istanbul Project in the context of maritime were discussed, considering the content of the EIA project, as well as environmental, security, and legal factors.

A joint technical evaluation report was created by all member seafarer NGOs, primarily TÜRDEF, who feels responsibility not only in our sector but also in the context of the benefit of our society and geography, and in this context, conducts a consultation in solidarity with their knowledge, experience and experience. A principle decision was made to present it to the authorities.

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