Registered Phaeton Plates in Adalar Passed to IMM

registered phaeton plates on the islands
registered phaeton plates on the islands

IMM Council approved the transfer of registered phaeton plates on the Princes' Islands to IMM for 300 thousand TL.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, by signing an important decision has been on the agenda for a long time in the town of Adalar phaetons and horses brought about the solution. In January, the first assembly meeting on the proposal of the Directorate of Public Transportation Services sent to the relevant commission on the Islands used in public transport report on horses and vehicles today, came to the agenda of the IMM council. The proposal submitted to the Assembly as a joint report of the Law, Plan and Budget, Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries Commissions of the IMM Council was adopted unanimously.

According to the report, IMM, each of the 277 registered phaeton plates in the Princes' Islands would pay 250 thousand pounds. While the proposal was discussed in the Assembly, the amount was raised to 300 thousand pounds per plate. 300 thousand pounds unanimously approved the proposal.

The report also includes the purchase of the number of horses by the Veterinary Services Directorate at a cost of TL 4.000 (up to 6 horses per carriage) and the transportation of the vehicle with the number of electric vehicles determined by UKOME.

Following the vote, Erdem Gül, Mayor of Adalar, took the floor and thanked the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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