'Kanal Istanbul' Statement by President Erdoğan

channel istanbul
channel istanbul

Speaking at the Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro Project First Rail Welding Ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that we are even late in doing the Canal Istanbul Project.

Erdogan continued his words as follows: “Erdogan said that they have told Kanal Istanbul many times since 2011, but that he will tell the project once again, but he does not know whether it will be beneficial for those who have eyes and eyes, those who do not hear, and those who cannot speak or speak.

Expressing that an average of 45 thousand ships pass through the Bosphorus annually and 500 thousand people travel between the two sides of the city every day, Erdoğan emphasized that the pressure on the Bosphorus and the traffic of people increased every year.

Erdogan stated that according to the Montreux Straits Convention, it is not possible to block the passing commercial ship traffic, and said:

“But they don't even know where the Montreux Convention is about. Whether Kanal Istanbul connects the Montreux Convention or not, they do not know about it. For one thing, Kanal Istanbul has nothing to do with the Montreux Convention, remotely. Practices such as pilots and tugboats are currently insufficient to prevent accidents in the Bosphorus. Since we could not eliminate the throat, we had to find a radical solution to the problem. When we look at the examples in the world, we see that Kanal Istanbul-style waterways are both common and very profitable. After making this promise to our nation in 2011, we studied our lesson step by step. As a matter of fact, we are even late in making Kanal Istanbul, one of our 2023 goals. ”

President Erdoğan stated that processes such as geological, geotechnical, hydrological research, wave and earthquake analysis, traffic surveys, infrastructure displacement needs and environmental impact studies were completed within the scope of the preliminary preparations of the project.

Expressing that over 34 scientists belonging to 200 different branches of science were involved in these studies, Erdogan stated that the most suitable of the 5 different routes determined for the channel was decided and announced to the nation, and on this channel route, over 304 thousand meters of drilling and 17 geophysical studies were carried out at 248 different points. He said that it was done.

Erdogan said that after the laboratory experiments and ground works, the modeling of the channel has been started with the world's leading companies in this field, and the current stage has been reached with the completion of engineering projects and EIA studies.

“As someone said, the cost of construction of Kanal Istanbul is not calculated as 125 billion liras but 75 billion liras as of now.” Erdogan said, two ports, a marina, a logistics center, 7 bridges, 2 railways and 2 light rail lines will be included along the route.

Erdogan stated that only 500 thousand residences will be allowed around the channel within the framework of urban transformation, and that the excavation that will emerge during the construction process will be evaluated by a method specific to this project and that it will be protected from the negative effects of the city.

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