Need for President Büyükkılıç Erciyes or Hotel in City Center

president buyukkilic need hotel in erciyeste
president buyukkilic need hotel in erciyeste

📩 27/01/2020 13:13

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç called for investors in Erciyes, who had one of the busiest days with the effect of the semester break. Mayor Büyükkılıç noted that he needed a hotel both in the city center and in Erciyes.

Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, his wife Dr. He went to Erciyes with Necmiye Büyükkılıç and met with local and foreign visitors who spent their holidays in the world-class ski resort.

Erciyes in his statement that Turkey's most popular live in one of the busiest days of the ski resort Büyükkılıç President expresses, "I say welcome to our guests both domestically as well as from outside the country. Hopefully they will have a happy and peaceful holiday. ” Calling on investors in Erciyes, Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç said, “I would like to inform our investors that they need hotels in the city center of Erciyes or Kayseri. As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue our investments in order to benefit from Erciyes, not only 4 months but 12 months of the year. Hopefully, Erciyes will be the center of sports with its high irifa camp center. Kayseri is the center of not only ski tourism, but also cultural tourism, sports tourism and gastronomy tourism. ”

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