Continues Training Seminars for ORBEL Staff

continues training seminars for orbel staff
continues training seminars for orbel staff

ORBEL A.Ş. A training seminar on quality management, communication, motivation, corporate culture, body language, customer satisfaction and time management was organized by the employees in order to be more effective and efficient both in business life and social life.


Stating that priority is citizen satisfaction in every service provided by ORBEL A.Ş., a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, ORBEL A.Ş General Manager Muhammet Günaydın said, “Quality and customer satisfaction are important in our activities. It is possible to achieve customer satisfaction by producing goods and services in accordance with the wishes and needs of the customers. Our goal is to raise the bar of the service quality we provide by prioritizing customer demands and expectations in our services. ”


Emphasizing that ORBEL staff is a mirror of each employee, General Manager Günaydın said, “Productivity is essential in the areas we serve. It is possible to reach our goals and to have a quality vision with a conscious team. We know that each of our staff represents us, our company, ORBEL A.Ş. They're our mirror outside. For this reason, we try to provide the necessary training for each of our staff and try to complete their shortcomings. Trained personnel are very important in terms of service quality. We strive for our employees to be more competent, knowledgeable, experienced and efficient, by determining the necessary trainings for this. ”


Adding that they will continue their training activities without interruption, ORBEL A.Ş General Manager Muhammet Günaydın said, “The most important aim of the businesses is to satisfy their customers. Under intense competitive conditions, enterprises applications and technological developments can be easily imitated. However, since imitating customer relations is relatively difficult, it emerges as a factor that gives superiority to competitors. Therefore, education is always necessary. We will continue such trainings without interruption based on the contributions of educated staff to the institutions ”.

The training seminar organized by ORBEL A.Ş. for its staff was given by UGG ERSOY, proficient in TSE Former Representative, International ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification, educator, journalist and writer.

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