Nostalgic Tram Story Shelved in Düzce

nostalgic tram story
nostalgic tram story

The nostalgic tram project of the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality brought up the nostalgic tram that was removed after 2 years of implementation in its neighbor Düzce. So what was that nostalgic tram?

Medyab isCompiled the story of Nostalgic Tram, which was put on the shelf after 2 years in Düzce.

Everything started with Mayor Ekrem Yüce's announcement of the nostalgia tram project, which will extend from the National Garden to the Town Square at the last meeting of 2019.

Nostalgic tram in the city after President Yüce'nin statement that many necessary views of the city as an example 90 kilometers away from our neighbor in Düzce in 2017 in 2, two years later, the 'Nostalgic Tram' project came.

So, what is the story of the nostalgic tram in the neighbor of Sakarya, Düzce, which cost 2 million liras at that time, but was even railed by the mayor who later took office?

Here is the story of a nostalgic tram with a nostalgia like today, which was found in news bulletins by being pushed by citizens by staying on the road when Düzce started in 2017…

In Düzce, Istanbul Street was closed to traffic in October 2017 by the Mayor of the period, Mehmet Keleş, and a tram line was laid along the street.

Dursun Ay was reopened on December 2, 3 at the request of Dursun Ay, who was seized by President Erdoğan after Keleş was dismissed by President Erdoğan. .


Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, who took the chair after the March 31 local elections, prepared a different project for Istanbul Street, the heart of Düzce. Duzce Mayor Faruk Ozlu, the former minister, agreed to lift the tram rails in line with the decision given by the city planner experts.

In this context, pedestrians move easily on the street where the nostalgia tram passes. This is the story of the Nostalgic tram that now remains nostalgic in Düzce, but still cost about 2 million pounds in the years it was spoken.

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