New Generation Mobile Taxi Calling System EnTaksi İzmir Launched

new generation mobile taxi call system entaksi izmir entered service
new generation mobile taxi call system entaksi izmir entered service

A new era has started in taxi transportation in Izmir. The new generation mobile taxi calling system “EnTaksi İzmir” has been put into service today.

Moving towards becoming a smart city, İzmir took a new step in individual transportation. The new generation mobile taxi calling system EnTaksi Izmir was launched by the Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Tradesmen in collaboration with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

entaks Izmir Kaya Thermal Hotel in a speech at today's introductory meeting Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, publicly funded, stating that such a project is the first to implement the city's Izmir in Turkey "catch of the Age, we must meet the opportunities offered by the era." Expressing that the application is a beginning and they will work for the development of taxi business in İzmir, Soyer continued: “We will provide the tradesmen of this city with the deserved place. As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we do not compete with our tradesmen. On the contrary, wherever we have trades, we do whatever we can to make his job easier. ”

The first application in Izmir

Izmir Chamber of Drivers and Vehicle Anik Chairman of Galilee, "one based on the new generation of first-time control of municipal authorities and chambers in Izmir in Turkey, we apply the digital taxi system," he said. Anık continued: “Technology continues to evolve like a living organism, those who can adapt to it live and those who cannot, say goodbye. If you cannot manage this change, you will be out of the race. We must improve and renew ourselves. We have to adapt to follow developments in taxi and transportation around the world ”.

Soyer was the first to use the application

After the introductory meeting, the first name to use the EnTaksi İzmir application was the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir, Tunç Soyer. Soyer made a short trip with the vehicle under the supervision of İzmir Chauffeurs and Automobile Chamber of Craftsmen Celil Anık. Soyer also tried the eight-passenger VIP taxi, which can be accessed through the EnTaksi İzmir application.

How does the “EnTaksi İzmir” application work?

EnTaksi İzmir application, which passes the tests carried out in İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM), provides taxi calling service to citizens via mobile application. The application guides the nearest taxi to the user. The passenger can see who is the driver of the incoming taxi without reading the application and can read the comments about this driver. EnTaksi İzmir application also provides English language support.

VIP taxis can also be accessed via EnTaksi İzmir application. VIP taxis provide luxury transportation services in eight-seater vehicles with TV broadcasting, internet connection, tea / coffee machine, fridge and safe.

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