National High Speed ​​Train Will Be Produced in TÜLOMSAŞ

national high speed train will be produced in tulomsasta
national high speed train will be produced in tulomsasta

Minister Turhan, who visited TÜLOMSAŞ, received information from TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı about the works.

Turhan, who visited the R&D Center, the locomotive factory, the Source Training and Technology Center, also carried out the test of a diesel locomotive engine.

Minister Turhan used DE10000, the first domestic and national diesel electric maneuver locomotive produced by TÜLOMSAŞ.

Turhan Çakacak then Eskisehir Governor Özdemir and AK Party deputy Eskisehir, Turkey's first indigenous car with Nabi Avci found by visiting the Museum of the Revolution TULOMSAS examined the car.

“We have made important investments in the transportation infrastructure of our country”

Turhan, who also visited Eskişehir Governor Özdemir Çakacak as part of his program, signed the governorship honor book.

Turhan said in a statement to reporters pointed out the importance for Turkey's Eskisehir and TÜLOMSAŞ.

Emphasizing that Eskişehir is an education, culture, tourism and industry center, Turhan said:

“We have made important investments in the transportation infrastructure of our country. We made divided roads, airports, ports. We also built railways. His TÜLOMSAŞ in the industry, we have started in Eskisehir, Turkey was founded as locomotives and motor industries. Now we are making high speed trains. We make fast train routes. We build high-speed train lines. We will make our train sets, trains, locomotives to be used for these in this facility and put them into service on our railways. We are currently bringing high speed train sets from abroad. But TÜLOMSAŞ produces wagons and locomotives that carry cargo and passengers on railways in our country. It not only meets domestic needs, but also exports them abroad. It came to this point. We have started the work on the production of our national high-speed train here. This is an important step for us. It is very important for our future. ”

Stating that more than 100 engineers work at the R&D Center in TÜLOMSAŞ, Turhan said, “We will have built our national high-speed train, which will carry our people on our roads with high-speed train technology, with the work done by these engineers, the projects they will produce and their transformation into manufacturing.” said.

Minister Turhan pointed out that a significant part of the parts of the trains produced in the factory have sub-industries in 27 cities and said:

“More than 1400 workers work in this factory, but the number of workers fed by the supplier industry is over 20 thousand. This is the technology of the future and an important industry branch. By encouraging our private sector in this field, we will open the way to invest and hopefully develop the high-speed train technology, which is among the priority sectors in our 11th Development Plan. We are determined to have a say in this field in the world. We are walking confidently. ”

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