Mersin Transportation in Azerbaijan

myrtle transport in azerbaijan
myrtle transport in azerbaijan

Our country, which serves as a bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia due to its geographical location, is at the same time the transit route of both continents. Our country, which has the potential to meet the needs of both continents due to its position, is very important in terms of transportation. Due to our logistic cooperation with all European and Asian countries, there are countless logistics companies operating in our country. The transportation companies operating in our country carry out works on the European and Asian lines, paying particular attention to the nearby and border countries.

As the transportation companies operating in Azerbaijan, which is one of the leading countries of intensive transportation activities, generally carry out uniform transportations, comprehensive logistics services are interrupted from time to time, and our company, which carries out full capacity transportation activities in order to prevent these interruptions, plays a leading role in eliminating most of the problems experienced in Mersin Transportation. Shipping to Azerbaijan Our company, which has been developing and continuing its activities since the years it stepped into the sector, offers transportation services to Azerbaijan in areas such as complete truck transportation, partial transportation, non-oversize heavy transportation, container transportation and refrigerated truck transportation.

Our company is active in both export and import and third country comprehensive cargo transportation field. Shipping companies in Azerbaijan Mersin Nakliyat is responsible for the transportation of comprehensive cargo groups. Our company, which provides complete truck and partial transportation services with Turkish and Azeri plate trucks, is in contact with the transportation agencies in Azerbaijan and makes successful works in terms of both fast and reliable and healthy and timely delivery.

All the vehicles that make flights in Azerbaijan transport operations are making safe shipments within the scope of cmr insurance and our drivers who use the route over Georgia intensively make transportation to all regions of Azerbaijan by customs or address within 5 days. Our vehicles, where we access instant location information with vehicle tracking system, provide seamless logistics and customs clearance services under the control of our experienced operation team.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Mersin freight forwarders

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