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Sözcü According to the work schedule of Kanal Istanbul, the project is planned to be completed in 2 thousand 425 days. The project has 17 stages and half of the works to be completed have been completed so far.

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, participated in a program on a private television channel yesterday, the first excavation for Kanal Istanbul will be shot this year and the work will be completed in 2026, he said. AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on 21 December 2019 that Kanal Istanbul's tender will be held in the coming weeks.


While 45 kilometers long, 275 meters wide and 20 meters deep, the channel continues to debate about Istanbul. Sözcü Newspaper reached the Channel Istanbul Project Work Program at the desk of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure officials.

Accordingly, the tender announcement, preparation and submission of tenders and contract phases are planned to be completed within a total of 282 days.

Construction activities in Channel Istanbul will last 2 thousand 425 days. In this period, channel excavation, surface coating and creek connections will be made. The work will begin at the same time in the north and south of the channel will meet a point. It is foreseen that the parts will be assembled within 30 days. It will take 180 days for the channel to accept and commission the project. According to the workflow All work is scheduled to be completed on 18 February 2026.

Field works, application projects, mobilization and construction roads are expected to be completed within 540 days.

For 752 days, construction of clean water and wastewater lines, treatment plants, power transmission lines, treatment plant, roads and bridges will be completed. Railway, oil and gas pipelines, Terkos - Alibeyköy anchovy line will be reorganized in 1128 days.

Within 180 days, Sazlıdere Dam will be evacuated. On the other hand, for 900 days, the canal will be removed from Istanbul and 38 km long filled areas will be formed in the Black Sea.


Since the year 2011, according to Channel Istanbul program of work on Turkey's agenda, the project was completed in half the steps to be followed. Following the completion of the EIA process, the tender calendar will be operated and the contract will be delivered to the place of the signature.

The work flow and the stage of the project is as follows:

1 - Current Situation Determination
2 - Channel Route Studies
3 - Field Inspection / Evaluation of the Corridor
4 - Detailed Field Studies and Works of Selected Corridor
5 - Establishing Business Scenarios and Determining the Channel Width to be Applied
6 - Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Models
7 - Preparation of Channel Preliminary Projects and Conceptual Projects of Other Structures
8 - Preparation of Infrastructure Displacement Recommendations and Conceptual Projects
9 - Preparation of EIA Report and Related Operations
10 - Expropriation Services
11 - Planning of Canal Construction
12 - Preparation of Investment Plan
13 - Preparation of Feasibility Report
14 - Preparation of Tender Documents for Works
15 - Finalization of the tender
16 - Beginning of Construction Works
17 - Commissioning of the channel

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