Mersin Metro Will Bring The City To Reduce The Society

metro of mersin to meet the city to embrace the city
metro of mersin to meet the city to embrace the city

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer met with businessmen of the association members at the meeting organized by Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MESİAD) President Hasan Engin. Explaining their investments in Mersin, Mayor Seçer said, “Metro is a big project, a good project, I believe, I am behind it. We will start paying this 6 years later. I want your support in this regard. It is not just a matter of taking down passengers but getting them on board. There is an important value to add to the city, we have to see this. ”

At the meeting, Mayor Vahap Seçer and Mediterranean Mayor Mustafa Gültak, Prof. Dr. Answered the questions of the participants, moderated by Yusuf Zeren. Starting his speech by reminding that he is also a business person, President Vahap Seçer said, “We are producing now. We try to produce not for ourselves but for our city, our country and humanity. This is a separate pleasure. There is no monetary equivalent to this. This is something else. You have to live this. I am an extremely pleasant and happy mayor. It can be considered as an extremely difficult task. But I consume myself to be a very happy person because I sleep comfortably and sleep in the evening. I would lose my energy to add something to the city if this happiness is not already. ”

Stating that they are experienced politicians who know that the fight will not bring any benefit to the society and the country, President Seçer said, “The new period is a very good picture after the 31st of March. You are watching the assembly. The majority of the council is not at the mayor's party. But any word that will hurt our citizens and upset their morale cannot get out of that assembly. can not rise. We are the guarantee of this. That's why we say we are experienced. We have political manners, life manners, market manners. We set out with confidence, and while making a claim, we rely on our history and make a claim. We do this project, we make this decision, we endure the political consequences. These are due to the self-confidence provided by the backward merit. I am extremely satisfied with our assembly. I get support in every issue that benefits the city. I say this openly. Anyway, I insist on anything that doesn't benefit the city. The part of the assembly that opposes me is not drowned in small shallow waters from time to time. There are enormous decisions on very important matters, unfortunately, sometimes it hurts politically on very simple matters. "It is not the decisions that will affect the result from Allah and that will affect the city in such a negative way."

“We are following the works by hand so that the bureaucracy is fast”

Explaining that they are trying to speed up the bureaucracy about the 1/5000 master plans that the Mersin business world has been waiting for a long time, Mayor Seçer said, “Our esteemed colleagues from the government, our mayors, deputies, Mr. Minister, the previous term minister, and my colleague from the Plan Budget Committee. With the contributions of Mr. Elvan, we are trying to overcome the blockages in the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy as soon as possible, we are following the work by hand. ”

“Çukurova Airport is not even a bonus next to Istanbul Airport, but it is important for us”

Mayor Seçer stated that the subject of Çukurova Airport is the subject of the central administration and that he is following him as the Mayor. “I have to make a criticism here. A very unnecessarily prolonged investment. It's really a mystery. This power made Istanbul Airport. He should do this as soon as possible. Not even a bonus next to it. It's such a small project. But it is a project that will have important results for us and make important contributions to every sector. ”

“We will invest infrastructure of 2.5 billion lira in tourism regions”

Noting that Mersin should do tourism projects, Mayor Seçer said, “We attach importance to infrastructure in tourism regions. In the remaining 4 years, we will have important investments such as infrastructure, clean drinking water, sewage, wastewater treatment plants in the western regions of Mersin, where tourism is intense. There is an investment cost of about 2.5 billion liras that we will spend in this region. We can benefit from grant resources. There are different ways of doing this, you have to find them and go with the project. For the Mezitli drinking water network, we will receive a 17m-euro grant from the French Development Agency. Grants are made with different references. Many of these references have Mersin. Syrian guests at the beginning. Important grants can be obtained from international organizations, agencies, banks and countries with the reference of Syrian refugees and they can be used in the infrastructure. We are doing important works for these. Of course, it can also be used for social projects. ”

“We need to produce projects for grant support”

Pointing out that the municipalities have two important resources, Mayor Seçer continued as follows: “There are two important resources for us. We need to use it by maximizing it. One of them is human resources. There are 2 thousand employees, but we have a lot of trouble. Merit is important. To get good results, you have to work with the best. The other is financing. Without financing, you cannot realize the projections created by human resources. My income is between 10 million and 90 million pounds. There is no more than that. With this you can make the current expenditures of this city. You can realize small projects. Most of them are social projects. But you do not have the chance to sign under permanent, huge, big projects. This is a reality, you have to see this. That's why we have to create a financial source. We need to provide this from abroad. We need to create low-cost, long-term, affordable financial resources. We need to create a project unit on grants and move those grants to our region. ”

“Claim the subway project”

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer also made evaluations about the rail system project during his meeting with business people. Mayor Seçer said: “Metro is a big project, a good project, I believe, I am behind it. I have to believe first. I'm not doing business. I don't do it because someone said so. Someone said the subway before the election, and we promised not to do it. If it was wrong, I would return from the wrong, I would explain it to the society. We will start paying this 6 years later. We hit the pickaxe, after 6 years the clock will start working, payments will begin. 3.5 years of construction, 6 months of option, 4 years of construction time, 2 years of grace, after that we start 11 years. A total of 17 years. We started today, I will pay in 17 years, but I will start in 6 years. I want your support in this regard. It is not just a matter of taking down passengers but getting them on board. There is an important value to add to the city, we have to see it. It will fuse societies. We will realize such a project that everyone with low-income, high-income, middle-income will take the subway. Because he will go to the Mediterranean. He will go to the City Hospital, he will go to the bus station and he will go to Mezitli. Those who go to the Forum will get on it, those who go to Marina will get on it, and those who go to university will get on it. A project that brings the society together with all its layers. It makes the city smaller. The city is getting smaller. Because at the moment, it reaches where it cannot reach in 40 minutes, in 10 minutes, in 15 minutes. Here shopping has come to life. People are not clustering anywhere. So many vehicles do not go out on the streets, there is not so much emission, so much fuel is not consumed, there is not so much noise. Claim it, it's an important project. What you call expensive today will be cheap tomorrow. ”

Tasucu Shipyard in the related commission

Noting that the issue related to the Taşucu Shipyard is currently being examined in the relevant commissions of the city council, Mayor Seçer stated that he was in favor of making a decision after the issue was fully understood without hurrying.

President Seçer also reminded that they gave a negative opinion to the polypropylene facility that is intended to be established in Karaduvar District.

Expressing that they have prepared a zoning plan change to eliminate the congestion at the port A gate and provide a direct connection from the port to the bus, President Seçer emphasized that the initiative in this regard is at TCDD.

President Seçer noted that efforts to eliminate the shortcomings detected during the flood disaster in the past weeks have started before the next winter season.

Map of Mersin Metro

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