Construction of Highway Overpass in Malatya Çetinkaya Line

Highway overpass at Malatya cetinkaya line, tender result
Highway overpass at Malatya cetinkaya line, tender result

Malatya Çetinkaya Line Km: 33 + 949 Highway Overpass Tender Result

Construction of Highway Overpass at the Malatya Çetinkaya Line Km: 5+2019, with a limit value of 708832 TL and an approximate cost of 12.739.365,67 TL, of the 19.321.088,05th Regional Procurement Directorate of the Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD) with the 33/949 KIK number. 59 companies submitted bids for the tender, and according to the unconfirmed result, ATM ANKARA YAPI A.Ş. + AYDIN ​​CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTING TRADE. Inc. joint venture kazanis gone. 12 firm participating in the tender submitted a bid below the limit value.

The tender covers the works of 274,797 tons Ribbed Reinforcement Steel StIII Supply and Labor, - 2.396,216 m3 Reinforced Concrete C30 - 133.603,080 m2 Reinforced Concrete Wall Works. The duration of the work is 300 (three hundred) calendar days from the place delivery.

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