Snow Surprise in the Promotion of KarFest Event

snow surprise at the presentation of the karfest event
snow surprise at the presentation of the karfest event

KarFest, which will be held for the first time this year with the partnership of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Kartepe Municipality, will take place in Sisli Valley on Saturday, January 18th between 14.00-24.00. Many events, competitions and stage shows will be held in the program famous pop music artist Irem Derici will take the stage.


KarFest, which will be the scene of entertaining activities and shows in Kartepe, the address of winter tourism, will be held in Sisli Valley on Saturday, January 18th between 14.00-24.00. Unforgettable DJ performances, laser light shows, live music, games, competitions, local artists, sausage-bread party, treats that will warm your hearts and pop music İrem Derici concert; in a unique nature; adventure, excitement, freedom and happiness are waiting for you at KarFest.


From transportation to parking, tea to soup, skid slides to contests, concerts to sausage bread service, everything will be free at KarFest. Besides, there is no cold in the festival. Event space will be heated throughout the festival with firewood and 25 barrels. Citizens from the area participated in competitions and events such as '' Boat Races '', '' Rope Pull Race '', '' Penguin Running '' and '' Lantern Regiment '', '' Squirrel '', '' Snowman '' 'and' 'Penguin' 'mascots will entertain the little guests during the festival. In addition, the photographic area where the participants will immortalize their best memories will be waiting for their visitors in the festival area.


The presentation meeting of KarFest was held at Maide Restaurant. Balamir Gündoğdu, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Hasan Aydınlık, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Kocaman, the Mayor of Kartepe, Kamil Öçbe, the Chairman of Kartepe Tourism Association, Irfan Yigit, the Head of Kartepe Natural Life Tourism, and the representatives of the NGOs participated in the program.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Balamir Gündoğdu took the floor at the meeting; “Kocaeli was known as the capital of industry for many years. However, Kocaeli; with its unique nature, sea and beaches in summer, snowy hills in winter, has always been an indispensable part of tourism. As Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we have taken very important steps to add the 'Season Tourism City Kocaeli' brand to all these titles of our city and we continue to take. With our organizations spread over 365 days of the year, Kocaeli is taking firm steps towards becoming the activity center of East Marmara. ”

“KOCAELİ will stand out”

Balamir stated that they will organize Snow Festival for the first time this year; Arak By organizing an exemplary cooperation with Kartepe Municipality, we organize the Kartepe Winter Festival-KarFest with the contributions of artisans in the region. It will be the scene of fun activities and shows karfest from each other, which are among the most important address on January 18 Kartepe of winter tourism in Turkey will be held on Saturday. The festival will be held in Sisli Valley on Kartepe Mountain Road and will continue for 14.00 hours and 24.00 hours. Kartepe, which is one of the most elite address of the winter tourism in Turkey, this festive Uludag, a step that would stand out from Kartalkaya like, "he said.


Mustafa Kocaman, the Mayor of Kartepe who stated that the festival should be protected; Kış Winter tourism has been done in our region for a long time. Tradesmen and residents wanted to have such a festival. We started our efforts to make our people happy and to add brand value to our region. We are taking the step to make the most beautiful festival of the Marmara region with KarFest. Metropolitan Municipality has opened our way. I want to thank our president. This project should be supported. We will have many shortcomings, but these should be tolerated. We especially want our people and members of the press to protect the festival ”.


At the end of the program, the protocol promoted KarFest in the city center. 2 trucks brought from Kartepe for the promotion in front of Yeni Cuma Mosque were poured into the snow city square. In addition to natural snow, 2 off road type vehicles, snow bikes and giant snow globe were placed in the same area.


The event, which is open to the public, will include DJ performances, laser light shows, live music, games, contests, local artists, sausage-bread party, refreshments to warm you up and İrem Derici concert, the popular name of pop music. After the launch of the KarFest event, a surprise event was held in Izmit Town Square.

There will be no problems in transportation

All necessary measures were taken by the Metropolitan Transportation Department, Kartepe Municipality, the District Police Department and the District Gendarmerie Command. In order to avoid traffic disruptions, teams of Metropolitan and Kartepe Municipality; Maşukiye-Derbent and Suadiye-Arslanbey'den links to the summit will keep all roads open. Maşukiye will be closed to traffic as of 15.00. Bus services in Maşukiye square will be delivered to the festival area by 11.00 hours by private vehicles or public transportation.

14:00 Festival opening and DJ performance
15:00 Kent Orchestra Show
16:00 Gül White Iron Concert
16:50 Kartepe Municipality Folk Dance Group (Fire of Anatolia)
17:00 Cemal Cayirci (Vira Cemal)
18:00 Protocol talks and ribbon cutting
18:15 Atesbaz Stage Show
19:00 İrem Derici Concert
21: 00-23: 00 Local Artists-Horon Show
Competition activities;
15:45 Boat Racing
18:10 Rope Pulling Race
18:30 Penguin Running
18:50 Lighthouse Regiment

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