Kanal Bolu Project Is Next When Kanal Istanbul Debates Continue

While the channel istanbul discussions are ongoing, there is a channel bolu project
While the channel istanbul discussions are ongoing, there is a channel bolu project

The people who called the "Kanal Bolu" the 12-meter high and 70-meter wide ring road construction to be built in the most productive agricultural plain of Bolu, filed an annulment case.

SözcüAccording to the report of Erdogan Süzer, while Kanal Istanbul was being discussed, a new road construction named Bolu Güney Çevre Yolu started in Bolu's most productive agricultural plain. The road, which will divide Bolu into two like a wall, with a height of 12 meters and a width of 70 meters, has called the people "Kanal Bolu". Bolu Platform, which previously prevented the natural wonder Gölcük from being opened for construction, opened a case for the suspension of the road construction and the cancellation of the project and gathered 50 non-governmental organizations including muhtars under one roof. It is stated that the new road, whose height is compared to the wall and the passages under the embankment soil, will destroy the most productive agricultural lands of Bolu.


Bolu is located on two major road routes from east to west, one on the highway right in the middle of the city and the highway on the mountainous north slope. It is stated that the Ministry of Transport has decided to open a third intercity road to the city from the south. However, the presence of the most productive agricultural lands and many villages and settlements on the southern axis, where the road was planned to pass, caused a great reaction in the city. Bolu Platform, which gathered a large audience together, filed a lawsuit against the Bolu Administrative Court for the cancellation of the project. In the petition, it was stated that the road would cause harm to the public rather than the public interest.


The platform warned that the road will have negative results that can be called difficult or even impossible to compensate for Bolu. In the platform description, “Moreover, this wall is made with earth filling material and the transitions will be a kind of corridors that will be formed under them. The ring road will divide many villages into two. It will negatively affect the future of nature tourism, and will cause air, image and sound pollution. People of Bolu do not want this route. He thinks that he will harm Bolu, Bolulis and the future of Bolu ”.


While Bolu Platform pointed out that the road project is prepared only with the priority of transportation, it brought the proposal that the transportation need can be solved with two alternatives without harming nature and people.

In the platform description, “For example, this need can be seen in the short term by using the Ankara-Istanbul highway between Bolu east-west free of charge. In the long term, a ring road can be built in the north, on a route parallel to the highway. Thus, Bolu's fertile fields, nature and people will be free from a great risk ”.


The Bolu Platform, which filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the road project, also launched a signature campaign. The platform was created with 50 non-governmental organizations coming together.

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