Crazy Findings from High Environmental Engineers on Canal Istanbul

channel istanbul project will affect the climate balance of the region
channel istanbul project will affect the climate balance of the region

The review note prepared by the high environmental engineers on the EIA Report of the Kanal Istanbul project, which created public debate, revealed the works to be carried out within the scope of the project.

Important environmental determinations took place in the examination prepared by high environmental engineers about Kanal Istanbul.
CumhuriyetAccording to Mahmut Lıcalı'nın news, review note; There were very important findings about the Kanal Istanbul project. Sezer Arslan, the Environmental Engineer, reviewed the following:

850 thousand cubic meters of excavation per day: The project area was determined as 13 million square meters. Accordingly, the shortest period for the completion of the project is calculated as 4 years, this period can be up to 7 years is specified. In this case, if the periods not taken into consideration during the year, an average of 800 thousand 850 thousand cubic meters of excavation per day, transportation and storage should be done by sea. The excavation of this size will require the use of gigantic diggers and lorries operating in open mines.

Agricultural and water fields will be lost: Agricultural land, pasture, biodiversity areas, drinking and irrigation water areas, private forest areas within the project area will lose their characteristics and will be violated by international conventions (Biodiversity Convention) and national legislation (Constitution, Water Law, Pasture Law, Environmental Law). contrary transaction will be made. The project will be affected by Gala Lake National Park, Sazlıdere Dam, Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam.

10 thousand 965 kilograms of explosives per day: It is stated that the amount of material to be dismantled will be 41,5 million cubic meters and an explosion will be made every day and 1 kilograms of explosives should be used for 45 hole. A total of 255 thousand 10 kilograms of explosives per day will be used for a total of 965 holes.

This situation can create an earthquake effect, while not even 40-50 holes in the quarry, even though the use of 36 kilograms of explosives were noted serious problems. It was pointed out that the use of 5 million kilograms of explosives for 20 years could cause serious security problems.

1.5 million liters of fuel to be consumed per year: During the construction phase of the project, diesel fuel will be used in trucks and it is predicted that 1 million 504 thousand liters of diesel fuel will be consumed annually. This will mean the use of approximately 5 million liters of diesel fuel in 7.5 years.

4 trucks a day: Daily transport of 850 cubic meters of excavation material with 200 cubic meters of 400 trucks will mean at least 4 trips per day. Exhaust emissions, dust and traffic load will be released.

30 million cubic meters of water will be wasted: Sazlıdere Dam will therefore be canceled and 30 million cubic meters of water will be wasted. Since the channel divides the land into two, all infrastructure such as transmission lines, electricity, telephone and road will be canceled and re-investment costs will be needed.

Impact on the Black Sea and Marmara: With the project, the Black Sea container port will be 2.8 million square meters and the Marmara container port will be 631 thousand cubic meters.

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