Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Established Parking Lot for Scrap Vehicles

izmir buyuksehir municipality has established parking for scrap vehicles
izmir buyuksehir municipality has established parking for scrap vehicles

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the first of its kind by signing a project with a scrap car parking founded in Turkey. The parking lot in Menemen will be the solution to the city-wide scrap problem.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has found a permanent solution to the scrap problem in the city. The Municipality has established a scrap car parking lot in the Kasımpaşa District of Menemen district. The car park on an area of ​​18 thousand 349 square meters in Seyrekköy Street has a capacity of 880 vehicles. Parking, Turkey will serve as the first scrap the municipal parking lot.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Municipal Police under the control of the abandoned scrap vehicles began to be withdrawn in the streets. There are security cameras and security guards in the facility, where abandoned scrap vehicles are stored, which pose a security risk and create environmental and visual pollution.

The first application in Balçova

As of 2 January 2019, the removal of scrap vehicles started from the district of Balçova. After the necessary actions are taken by the teams of Balçova Municipality, the scrapped vehicles left to the streets, streets, vacant lands and private properties, which are not removed by their owners or accessible to their owners, the teams affiliated to the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, the municipal police teams of the Municipality of Balçova and the Izmir Province With the joint efforts of the traffic teams of the Police Department, the scrap is drawn to the vehicle storage area in Menemen.

After the scrap vehicles are removed in 11 central districts, the implementation is planned to continue in other districts of İzmir. The vehicles in the scrap car park will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance six months later and new vehicles will be started to be drawn to the empty parking lot.

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